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Select Series: October 2017 Collection

Every month Alistair chooses one of the many custom possibilities to highlight through the Emerald Custom Shop Select Series.  This month, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the annual Harp Guitar Gathering in Carlsbad, California, he chose to feature a black carbon collection of our wide-range of harp instruments.

The October Emerald Custom Shop Select Series collection, which will be on display at The Gathering, features a Synergy Uke (harp ukulele), our travel-sized harp guitar, the Synergy X7, and three different custom versions of the Synergy X20. 

 Synergy Uke

We have already been captivated by the musical possibilities of the harp guitar, but the harp ukulele is something completely different than anything you have ever played before, but feels inviting and familiar within minutes of first picking one up.

 Synergy X7

Featured in the Select Series for the first time, our travel-sized harp guitar is not only exciting guitarists wanting to take their playing to the next level, its compact design and robust carbon construction also make it a great instrument for touring musicians.

Synergy X20 7 String Sub

Adding a seventh sub bass string to your harp guitar, became such a popular modification that we added it as a standard option on our built-to-order range.

 Synergy X20 Fan Frets

Fan Frets are becoming increasingly popular with our customers and so we decided to feature them on this Synergy X20. Tommy Loose, who is attending the 15th Harp Guitar Gathering, owns the very first Synergy X20 to feature multiscale frets.

 Synergy X20 Super Treble

We started offering super treble strings on the Synergy X7, but as Alistair developed the Synergy X20, he found that this was the ideal platform to add them. Due to the Synergy X20’s larger size, it has also allowed us to add two further super treble strings, bringing the standard to eight.


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