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Chimaera Artisan

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Double neck acoustic guitars are a rare commodity and so big was the demand for our Chimaera when we first started building it that we added it to the standard range in 2014. It is made using our unique one-piece moulding technology, making it incredibly strong and stable with absolutely no joints to fail. This strength allows the instrument to be lighter in construction with a top that is delicate and responsive, yet stiff enough to resist the pull of all 18 strings.

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Product Description

Double neck acoustic guitars are a rare commodity and so big was the demand for our Chimaera when we first started building it that we added it to the standard range in 2014.

It is made using our unique one-piece moulding technology, making it incredibly strong and stable with absolutely no joints to fail. This strength allows the instrument to be lighter in construction with a top that is delicate and responsive, yet stiff enough to resist the pull of all 18 strings.

Carbon has also allowed us to create a much more ergonomic design with a slim-contoured body that fits comfortably whether playing the Chimaera on your knee or with a strap. And with the staggered neck design it puts each neck in exactly the right place as you transition between them.

The Chimaera Artisan is built to order and generally has a five-month lead time.

The Artisan is available in black, amber, red, green and blue, or as a Woody, has full gloss finish on all surfaces, Gotoh 510 tuners (18:1 ratio), an LR Baggs iMix pickup system and comes with a custom Emerald gig bag.

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Additional Information

Scale Length 12 String

25 1/2″, 650mm

Scale Length 6 String

25 1/2″, 650mm

Nut Width 12 String

1 15/16″, 48.5mm

Nut Width 6 String

1 3/4″, 44.5mm

Bridge Spacing 12 String

2 1/2″, 63mm

Bridge Spacing 6 string

2 1/4″, 57mm

Overall Length

41″, 1050mm

Max Body Width

17″, 430mm

Max Body Depth

4″, 100mm

Max Body Length

19″, 485mm


5.7lbs, 2.6kg


20 medium stainless steel frets (both necks)

Tuners (Default)

Gotoh 510 tuners 16:1 ratio (cosmo black)


Graphtech low friction nut and saddle


Graphtech bridge pins with Paua shell inlay

Pickup (Default)

LR Baggs iMix pickup system


High gloss finish on all surfaces


Custom-padded Emerald gig bag


  1. :

    After five days that I play the Chimaera every day, and now I can tell you that the guitar is an instrument absolutely exceptional, the satin finish of the necks is just what I wanted, the sound is very powerful and brilliant, the black marble finish is fabulous, several friends of mine (real musicians) have played it and are stunned, they asked me a lot of information about you! Thanks again Alistair, now I have a guitar which is the state of the art.

  2. :

    The bottom line to the Chimaera is that it will “surprise” you. You expect a doubleneck acoustic to be a real handful: but its thin, light, well designed body make it the most comfortable guitar I own. Its totally made of stable strong carbon fiber and yet it has the most pleasing balanced “woody” tone. Be ready to make friends, everyone will gather around and ask where you got it. It’s just a showstopper, pictures cannot do it justice. I have 10 guitars I have collected over my lifetime, the Chimaera is all I really play now.

  3. :

    My custom Emerald doubleneck is an amazing piece of craftsmanship,great action and easy to play .Both bass and guitar acoustically have lovely tones and with the dual ust and magnetic pickups on both necks give me a lot of choice when playing through my rig.It looks stunning and gets a lot of attention and interest.

  4. :

    top with gloss black back and sides, and equipped with lightweight Gotoh Stealth tuners and L.R. Baggs Lyric electronics. Appearance: The guitar is stunning, fit and finish is impeccable. Emerald’s unique process to show off the carbon fiber weave with a range of vibrant colors gives the look an almost 3D effect. It’s cool how the color goes from darker to bright depending on how light hits it. Comfort: The guitar is a marvel in sofar as doublenecks go, with its light weight and great balance even rivalling most quality single-neck wood guitars. This is a testament to the properties of carbon fiber in the hands of the right builder, and although Emerald continues to fine-tune the Chimaera, they have nailed the doubleneck challenge. Equipped with the lightweight Gotoh Stealth tuners, the balance is ideal. The narrow depth of the body combined with a width only slightly greater than that of a grand auditorium renders the Chimaera surprisingly comfortable…believe it or not, even as a comfy couch guitar. Sound/tone: Acoustically, the Chimaera offers sweet, clear, balanced tone across both necks. It is not a cannon, but projects well and the offset soundholes make it totally fine for the player. Function: I’ve long wanted a 12 string guitar but never got around to buying one because I had always considered a 12er as a niche guitar useful for only certain songs. So, I couldn’t justify the cost of a quality wood 12, and the cheaper ones have issues, including excessive weight and neck heaviness. Upon first learning of the Chimaera, I immediately ‘got’ what Emerald had achieved, realizing that I could easily adapt my songs to being able to play both necks in any given song. This aspect of the guitar is way cool. Playing the 12 neck during the chorus of a song adds a nice texture that no other guitar can offer. Value: At its price point, the Chimaera is a great value among quality guitars regardless of build material and name on the headstock. In fact, it’s like getting two guitars for the price of one. Customer care: Alistair Hay of Emerald Guitars is second-to-none in his commitment to innovation and player satisfaction. Great person, great company.

  5. :

    This is a thin body acoustic electric to double your dreams come true! Ultra-light at about 6.5 pounds, and nicely balanced thanks to the genius of the hollow neck design and light-weight open-gear Sperzle sure-lock tuners. One is Immediately astounded by the expansive area of the top, and because the baritone is the lower of the 2 bridges on the body, you can tell right away that this geometry increases the sound production area for those deeper, fuller, meaty tones of the baritone comes wafting up at you, from the larger lop one of 2 teardrop sound-holes, yes! You begin to wonder if this guitar is actually alive as you explore and mix all the harmonics, blending and ringing together, with sustain like a huge tuning fork. This is the ultimate double necker, as the tonal palate is the true choice of the player, at you whim, like a door to the endless flow of dark matter, you shape into whatever your taste desires. No matter where the jam is headed you’re right there in style.This is not just a guitar any longer… it’s a serious teacher, transposition and writing tool, healer and a time machine. B-Band stereo output and its off you go with perfect output and string balance. This is a very quiet, accurate p/u with huge headroom and resists feedback like a champ. What else could you ask for, really?

  6. :

    I echo all the comments about finish, color and appearance from the first five reviews, so I prefer to comment on how the instrument is working for me:

    I went with a green 6 and 12 string Chimaera equipped with the new LR Baggs I-Beam electronics. I’ve been wanting a 12-string for a while, but for me I can’t see putting a singleneck 12 to use too often, so I decided to purchase a green doubleneck from Emerald. The idea of a carbon fiber acoustic twelve made sense to me after seeing many off the shelf wooden 12’s with the bridge raised up from the body warping under tension. A common issue I’ve read about with many lower priced 12’s, but I seen a few that were not low end exhibiting the same issue. I also was sold on the stainless frets, which is a preferred material for me. Until now, I’ve never played a carbon fiber acoustic I liked. Others I’ve tried were a bit thin sounding to my tastes, but this Chimaera is quite the opposite, and for me ranks as one of the loudest acoustics I’ve ever tried. Really great acoustic tone, with a bit wider dynamics than I’m used to – play a soft line and then hit a chord harder and the instrument responds with a lot of solid power. The Mark S. Black videos I found really inspiring, and I found his videos to be true to the real sound of actually playing one with the 6 and 12 neck combination.

    In sitting position everything works ergonomically for me, I’m not over-reaching for anything. Where the body rests on my leg aligns both necks perfectly, and the offset angled positions are a lot more comfortable compared to some hard-bodied electrics I’ve tried with parallel necks. One issue I have with acoustics is reaching around the thick bodies often strains my left shoulder – not so with the Chimaera, that was my biggest fear getting this instrument without being able to try one first. No issues, standing up – but get a strap with some texture, the first one I used was really smooth and slippery. Even though the instrument is well balanced and light, a slippery strap doesn’t do the instrument justice when standing. I switched to a suede leather strap and the weight of the tuning machines and two necks is not enough to overcome it. Holds the instrument in place nicely.

    I’ve only had the instrument for a couple weeks now and I put it through a trial by fire by using it in a benefit open mic night at a nearby theater with a pretty good sized stage. I brought the FIshman Loudbox 100 for a quick easy setup, which was a bit underpowered when playing with two electric bassists, drummer, percussionist, and another acoustic run through a louder guitar amp. A bit chaotic, but at times I was playing by feel and the instrument’s natural abilities helped me get by with the small amp. Afterwards I played some more with just the drummer and the percussionist, and things went a bit better for me. When I was setting up, I did play a few notes and chords unplugged. Even in a big theater, the instrument could really project well.

    Outside of the Fishman, I use a Helix through two QSC K-12’s . I also play two types of Chapman Sticks, plus guitar and bass, so I try to get amplification that maximizes what instruments I play through them. One of the cool features of owning an acoustic doubleneck is what can be done with loopers. Lay down a loop with one neck and solo over the loop with the other. Think “Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd. I’ve created a few things based on that song but was limited to only using one guitar. Now with the doubleneck, it’s two DIFFERENT guitars played by just me. I had considered buying an electric hardbody doubleneck, tried one, but the difference to my ears between a 6 and 12 string is more pronounced with an acoustic. I am way more thrilled with this acoustic Chimaera than an electric hardbody doubleneck.

    The new LR Baggs electronics is nice and clean. I’m using the mono setting to balance the necks with one wheel. The tone settings I left as they were setup. No issues there, I did adjust the gain between the I Beam and the pickup per the instructions. Amplified acoustics are rather new to me, my other acoustic has a lot of features I do not use, so I appreciate the simplicity of this setup, and bonus also having volume control. Feedback isn’t an issue, but one still needs common sense, watch what you are standing in front of. Cross talk with the electronics between necks is not an issue, learning to use a slight adjustment of the blend wheel combined with the natural dynamics of the instrument allows one to reduce any effect of playing the top neck from making the bottom one ring out. In my opinion, this is way more musical than toggle switches which can be noisy. And the offset neck position puts the top neck’s bridge in a sweet spot that can be muted with the picking arm.

    The Chimaera is a very well thought out instrument that delivers, I’m sure I’ll learn more things to do with it. Well done sir!

  7. :

    Throughout the process of ordering my custom Chimaera I was kept well informed of progress by Sean and delivery took place, as promised, exactly five months from initial order.

    I had my guitar fitted with the LR Baggs pickup system and with a Bubinga veneer top.

    The guitar arrived in a hard case which I had requested but was not promised – this was an added bonus and much appreciated.

    My guitar is a 12 and 6 string model and acoustically the sound is warm and balanced. Not the loudest guitar I own but I wasn’t expecting it to be.

    The guitar is light and comfortable to play sitting down. Standing up on a strap it is understandably neck heavy and I will need to adjust my stance to really get to grips with it.

    Using the LR Baggs system I am finding that I need to use some outboard EQ to get what I regard as a good balance across both necks but the sound is good.

    The 12 string neck has a low action. It is slightly higher on the 6 string and slightly higher than my other guitars. After a couple of weeks I am finding this to be fine and it certainly is a comfortable guitar to play.

    The guitar of course looks stunning and has received dozens of favourable comments from friends and fellow players.

    Despite Brexit’s best efforts to hurt the sterling/Euro exchange rate, I am delighted with my guitar and look forward to playing it live and getting some recording done.

    Thank you.

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