Synergy X7 Opus

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Our travel-sized harp guitar is not only exciting guitarists wanting to take their playing to the next level, its compact design and robust carbon construction also make it a great instrument for touring musicians to take on the road with them.

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The Synergy harp guitar is our modern adaptation of an ancient instrument which has risen in popularity again thanks to innovative musicians such as Andy McKee, Michael Hedges and Muriel Anderson.

Our travel-sized harp guitar is not only exciting guitarists wanting to take their playing to the next level, its compact design and robust carbon construction also make it a great instrument for touring musicians to take on the road with them.

The Synergy X7 Opus is generally in stock or available on a short lead-time (e-mail us on sales@emeraldguitars.com for enquiries). The Opus is available in black only and does not include a pick-up. A pick-up is available as an upgrade.

The custom pickup system on the Synergy X7 consist of two LR Baggs Element systems wired together in such a way to have a volume and tone control for both guitar neck and sub bass strings. It also has a mono to stereo switch which allows for a mono output with everything blended onboard or switch to stereo output allowing to split the signal externally for use with a floor pedal or run to separate amps or effects.

It features Gotoh 381 tuners (16:1 ratio) and has a full gloss finish on the top and a satin ‘Crystal Ice’ finish on the back and sides of the instrument. It comes with a custom-padded Emerald Guitars gig bag.

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Additional information

Scale Length

24", 610mm

Sub Bass Scales

D – 26 ¾”/680mm, C – 27 ¾”/705mm, B – 28 ¾”/730mm, A – 29 ½”/ 750mm, G – 30 ¼”/770mm, F – 31”/785mm

Nut Width

1 ¾", 44.5mm

Bridge Spacing (guitar neck)

2 ¼", 57mm

Overall Length

37 ½", 950mm

Max Body Width

13 ½", 335mm

Max Body Depth

4 ¼", 110mm


5 ½lbs, 2.5kg


20 medium stainless steel frets

Tuners (Default)

Gotoh 381 tuners 16:1 ratio (cosmo black)


Graphtech low friction nut and saddle


Graphtech bridge pins with Paua shell inlay

Pickup (Default)

No pickup included (available as optional extra)


High gloss finish on soundboard and Crystal Ice finish on back and sides


Custom-padded Emerald gig bag


  1. Paul Price, USA

    Upon receiving the Synergy Harp Guitar from Emerald, I was first amazed by its modern looks, sturdy construction, and compact size. It took me about 2 minutes to realize what I consider to be the most stunning aspects of the Synergy: its playability and the unreal tone from the sub-basses. The subs sing like piano strings and the guitar plays as well as any instrument I’ve ever held. This is a testament to the quality of Alistair’s building techniques. There are no dead spots on the neck, the frets are perfect, the feel is solid, and I can play the Synergy at any dynamic level and it responds eagerly. The carbon fiber has a really cool look, and I love the idea that humidity doesn’t affect it. The Synergy is truly a “musical” instrument–playing a chord, single note, or sub bass starts the whole instrument to sing, and the sound is truly inspiring. I am looking forward to more creations from Alistair and Emerald Guitars!

  2. Frank, California, USA

    As soon as I saw a picture of the first Synergy prototype, I started imaging what mine would be like. Alistair went far out of his way to find just the right piece of burl and built an instrument that is just brilliant visually and sonically. I couldn’t be happier. I can always count on a “Wow!” when people see it for the first time and an “Oh Wow!” when they hear it.

  3. Walt Downs, Florida, USA

    The Synergy’s smaller footprint makes it very comfortable to play, and easier to transport than a standard harp guitar. However, it’s smaller size is not a handicap, as the carbon fiber allows volume similar to a full sized harp guitar, and the guitar is particularly resonant, with the notes having extreme clarity, especially the sub-bass strings, which can often sound thuddy or muddy on a standard wooden harp guitar. Add in the fact that the carbon fiber matrix is beautiful and impervious to changes in climate. This guitar is a winner, and at the price Emerald is selling the Synergy at, it’s one hell of a bargain in value you get versus cost.

  4. Michael B., New York, USA

    Here is what I came up with. The Synergy Harp Guitar is a revolutionary instrument; a first of its kind! This is a harp guitar that is perfectly proportioned, delightfully comfortable to hold, with crystal clear trebles and thunder in the sub-basses. The fit and finish are flawless, with lines that are beautiful and extremely efficient, making this guitar as light as a feather and easy to pack and travel. Alistair takes the concept of a “custom” order to a level above and beyond. An Emerald guitar can be just about anything you can imagine because Alistair is willing and able to build anything.

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