X20 Opus

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The X20 is a guitar designed with the player in mind and not tradition. It features an ergonomic forearm bevel and a beveled cutaway to give even greater access to the fretboard.  Our unique asymmetrical back contours make the X20 sit more comfortably and securely on your knee. Tonally this guitar has a big voice, We developed a new laminate structure to give it a richer fuller sound and with the unique soundhole placement it gives great projection to the player, while still giving your audience the fullness of your performance.

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The X20 is a guitar designed with the player in mind and not tradition. It features an ergonomic forearm bevel and a beveled cutaway to give even greater access to the fretboard.  Our unique asymmetrical back contours make the X20 sit more comfortably and securely on your knee.

The neck has a very comfortable shallow C profile with a 1 3/4″ nut and the heel is reduced in profile to give better access to the higher frets.

Tonally this guitar has a big voice, We developed a new laminate structure to give it a richer fuller sound and with the unique soundhole placement it gives great projection to the player, while still giving your audience the fullness of your performance.

The X20 Opus is generally in stock or available on a short lead-time (e-mail us on sales@emeraldguitars.com for enquiries). The Opus is available in black only and does not include a pick-up. An LR Baggs Element Active System™ – VTC or LR Baggs Anthem™ pick-up are available as an upgrade. It features Gotoh 381 tuners (16:1 ratio) and has a full gloss finish on the top and a satin ‘Crystal Ice’ finish on the back and sides of the instrument. It comes with a custom-padded Emerald Guitars gig bag.

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Additional information

Scale Length

25 1/2", 650mm

Nut Width

1 ¾", 44.5mm

Bridge Spacing

2 ¼", 57mm

Overall Length

40", 1020mm

Max Body Width

15 ¼", 390mm

Max Body Depth

4 ¾", 120mm

Max Body Length

19", 480mm


4.4lbs, 2kg


24 medium stainless steel frets

Tuners (Default)

Gotoh 381 tuners 16:1 ratio (cosmo black)


Graphtech low friction nut and saddle


Graphtech bridge pins with Paua shell inlay

Pickup (Default)

No pickup included (available as optional extra)


High gloss finish on soundboard and Crystal Ice finish on back and sides


Custom-padded Emerald gig bag


  1. George, Pennsylvania, USA

    A self-admitted tonewood snob with a number of fine instruments, I must say I am quite impressed with the voice of this guitar, unplugged and now amplified. And as I struggle to keep humidity levels up in my guitar room to protect my collection on this frigid winter day in Pennsylvania, the merits of CF become all the more apparent. Thanks again, and regards.

  2. Clive, England

    I decided to get the X20 from play away and have fetched it today. I am overjoyed with it – think I’ll take it to bed and cuddle it tonight – you are a genius!

  3. Ian, England

    I just have to drop you a line about this X20 guitar. I am 66 years old, I started playing guitar when I was 16 so that’s a hell of a long time! And I know that this is probably the golden age of acoustic guitars, they have never been better and some of the Asian budget instruments are truly remarkable for the money. But your creation is truly unbelievable. You have something really special here. But I suppose it’s all down to the great God of marketing to get it into the mainstream. When I received it, it had D’Addario strings and it sounded fantastic but I don’t like D’Addario (personal choice) I find them very ‘squeaky’. I restrung it with Elixir PBs. Unbelievable! I can pick, strum and really ‘dig in’ and rock, and this guitar does it! Separation, intonation, volume, sensitivity, balance from bass, mids, to treble, playability, comfort, I am running out of words and desperately trying to avoid the overused word ‘amazing’ so I am going for: Incredible, Astonishing, Staggering, Wonderful etc Congratulations! You have created something very different!Thank you. It is giving me so much pleasure, my endorphins are in overdrive!

  4. Cameron

    Hi. The guitar showed up yesterday and she’s fantastic! I’m certainly going to buy more of your instruments in future as well as recommend them to my students. I’ve owned a few instruments from Composite Acoustics and Rainsong and while they were all nice, your acoustics have something tone wise that they don’t; warmth; depth. Thank you very much

  5. Jean-Marc Orelli

    The X20 is perfect for the coldness, it is true that carbon is insensitive to the temperature, cold or heat. The X20 also carry on during a bad weather outdoor, rainy day for example. The X20 weigh so light, and this is a very big advantage, because you can carry this guitar everywhere. Now, let’s talk about sound, incredible, clearer than anything that I have heard until now, very responsive much better than wood indeed. I am very happy with it, and I use a Trace Acoustic amplifier TA100R, and believe me, when it is plugged in, the sound becomes as a dream. I will give a positive advise to anyone who want to get this guitar, without any hesitation, the best acoustic guitar that I have ever had. My best regards from France

  6. Tom Hamrick

    I received my X20 from Emerald Guitars two weeks ago. I am still puzzled exactly how to describe its sound just like I really don’t know how to describe its color. I find when I am playing something like the song “Blackbird” by the Beatles the X20 has haunting overtones and a complex sound. I compared it to my Taylor guitar and the X20 is definitely the darker of the two for quiet playing, but yet when I am strumming hard the X20 is the clear winner and cuts through quite well. It is a strong guitar all around with it’s stainless steel frets and CF construction. It also looks and feels (and can even sound) very fragile, but I know it’s not. If I had the means, I would have already ordered another X20 from Emerald Guitars. This time I would get a 12-string. I like all the color choices, so I don’t know which color I would choose for the 12-string.

  7. Bill, New York, USA

    X20 Artisan 6-string Natural Trans-Gloss – The culmination of everything Alistair knows from 15 yrs of innovation as a designer, builder and longer as player, all the love and support, cheers and advice bounces around in the Maestro’s brain and this truly organic creation is born to us, miraculously evolved far beyond all others, and adorned with important features of attraction found in the only the highest shelf boutique guitars, and then more, in solid, durable form to last a thousand years. You will love this guitar as a partner for life. Very light at 4.5#. So solid, with crisp tuned tap-tones on the body, nice full basses are warm, clear and puffy and not boomy, there is an airy clarity in all positions, and all registers have well balanced, bell like attack, tone and sustain. Loud and Pleasant Tone! Great Projection and chop, Fat single notes. The sound-hole is other-worldly, and bathes you in warmth! You never get overpowered by other players in the room. You will always hear your guitar too. This so out-features out performs the more expensive brands…, its comical really. Arch-back arch-top, tilt leg bevel, arm bevel, really comfortable all day and night, 24 very precise and accurate stainless frets, a sound-hole that’s Clearly the best Idea ever! 2 way truss, Gotoh 510 tuners and active B-band 3at system, nice. To me this is the best guitar ever, and will be for the imaginable future!

  8. Yvette, USA

    I have been collecting guitars for over 44 years and have amassed a total of 98 guitars, which includes antique guitars from such luthiers as Panormo, Stauffer, Lacote, Fabricatore, Martin and Gibson, as well as current guitar models from many name brand companies and private luthiers, including carbon fiber models from Rainsong, Composite Acoustics, Blackbird, and Emerald guitars. Of the entire collection, my two favorite guitars are the Emerald X7-OS for travel and my custom nine string X20-OS for pure playing. The custom nine string is not only a stunning beauty, with its ice-cream pink and ivory contrast body colors accented in silver, but it has the most incredible treble and bass sound projections from any carbon fiber I have ever played or ever heard. The neck feel is not at all stiff, which allows easy playability for jazz compilations, blues compilations, and classical music compilations, as well as simple strumming progressions infused with harmonics. Working from the USA with Alistair located in Ireland on the custom nine string presented no challenge whatsoever, as he tended to all my requests within a timely manner, and did not move forward on any aspect of the guitar building process without my approval. If only the many other luthiers with whom I have worked would have done the same, then, perhaps their final product would have been more satisfying. This experience was a great success all the way around, and the custom Emerald nine string guitar has wowed the many guitar builders throughout the USA whom I have allowed to play it. All luthiers who have seen this model have been in awe of its sound, and it is no surprise, but all have stated that there is no way they could have ever duplicated such an instrument in sound, durability, quality, appearance, and price. This beauty is a definite winner, and it is impervious to climatic changes, which makes it even more appealing, as I reside in one of the driest geographical areas with extreme cold and heat temperature changes. I cannot wait to move forward on my next custom order with Alistair. Thank you, Alistair! Thank you Emerald Guitars!

  9. Clayton Eads, USA

    When my beloved Emerald X20-OS arrived from Ireland, I looked at the exterior cardboard wrap and thought,”Oh No”. It arrived via USPS, and looked as though a band of Gorillas had a mating ritual on the package en route! LOL Surprise #1: Even though a gig bag was normal for the Opus Series…Alistair threw in a Hiscox case for free!!! Wow…What a great guy!!! No dings, dents or signs that those silly primates even knew what a beauty lived inside… Surprise #2: With the exception of the high E-string the guitar was in perfect tune after the journey overseas!!! Just think of the ramifications of this!!! Most guitars when shipped have to detune to protect their necks…Not true with Emerald’s 100 per cent Carbon Fiber construction! As far as tone, comfort, playability, etc… I love the piano-like sounds when played up the neck, and the deep bass of the lower strings. I tried various strings and went back to D’Addarios that it was shipped with. The ergonomics and weight make it the most comfortable acoustic guitar that I have ever played! So after four years, now what do I think of my Emerald? The honeymoon is still ongoing!!!

  10. Jonathan Larsson, Montana, USA

    It’s VERY difficult to come up with one thing I enjoy MOST. There are so many positives to this guitar, that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. If I had to choose only one thing, however, it would be the amazingly full and balanced sound this guitar produces. I received the 12-string on Thursday, but I have been waiting a bit to let you know what I think. I played out with it for the first time today, and these are my impressions about the guitar. It is LOUD acoustically! I love the way the sound hole lets me, the player, get to hear all the nuances of tone.

  11. Joseph Miriello

    I have had my X20 Opus for 5 days, having never owned a carbon fiber before, my expectations were very high! I have been a player for 45 years and owned many high end boutique acoustic guitars. I am so pleased with the sound, appearance and function of this guitar! I love the sound hole placement. It lets me hear like never before, and launches sound into the room. The stainless frets should last forever (I play Parker fly electric and their frets and fretboard are very much the same!). The overall finish is wonderful, and I really like the crystal ice back and side finish. Describing the tone is going to be challenging. It is smooth, balanced and bell like; I cannot tell it is not wooden! It is great flat picking, but is even more outstanding finger picking. Those clear even tones with volume and sustain are amazing. I look forward to dialing in the B Band pre amp as I play amplified in the future. The Hiscox case is also top notch! Alistair and Sean, thanks so much for your communication when ordering and waiting for shipping info. And thanks for the great Emerald mug! BTW shipping was 6 days from factory in Ireland to my doorstep near Seattle, Washington. Good job!

  12. Chris-Santa Cruz, CA

    Love my new X20 and I appreciate the fast shipping-got it in just four days and camping with the flashy high tech carbon fiber guitar in the crude and primitive California desert was sublime. The sound is awesome. I’m a brutal player at times and really appreciate the way it never seems overdriven or distorted so it suits me perfectly kind of like an Adi topped wood guitar while still responsive and maintains tonal balance when played lightly. I don’t feel like this is any kind of compromise from a wood guitar-it’s not going to replace my fine wooden guitars but will get equal play time for sure and if I ever get the nerve to play out this will be my gigging guitar. Fascinating how it sounds to me as I play it but still projects like crazy when I hand it over and listen to another player. And beautiful. I show it to non guitar playing gearheads and they ooh and ahh over the carbon fiber.

  13. Jaafar Kadom (verified owner)

    I live in United Arab Emirates and I’ve had the X20 Opus with the upgraded pickups for about 3 months now, and so far I have nothing negative to say about it. First off, the customer service was amazing, second of all, the finish, ascetics (it’s sexy) and quality goes beyond expectations. Third thing, when i first got it, the action was at it sweet spot, making it so easy and fun to play. This is the third CF guitar that i played and its at the top of the list in my opinion. Before this guitar, i would always play my Taylor 914ce, which will resonate the sound better and longer thanks to the thin spruce top and rosewood sides and back. but then again the Talyor body is bigger, the spruce top is real thin and the price is much higher compared to the X20 opus. The X20 is my daily player now, and if i had to buy another CF guitar it would definitely be from Emerald. Much Thanks goes out to Sean and Alister!!!

  14. John Winchester

    Wow. What a fantastic choice. I debated about buying this guitar since I am not a really experienced guitarist and I worried that I was buying over my head. But, buying this is the best thing I have every done for my guitar playing. It has a beautiful tone and it is impervious to climate. As a result, I bring it everywhere with me. Whether I’m out on a boat, camping, indoors or out, I always have my Emerald and it stays perfectly in tune, and sounds just as beautiful. Nothing helps playing more than playing, and because of this instrument I can play more and love to hear it. My Emerald has opened my guitar world like nothing else could have. Thank you.

  15. Matt Valois

    As a future hospice music therapist, I researched for a guitar that was durable for constant travel from one session to another in a highly variable weather climate, sounded phenomenal and was loud enough for patients who are hard of hearing, versatile enough to play many different styles, comfortable enough to play for hours everyday and was cost effective for a college student. I decided to order an X20 Opus without having first-hand experience with playing one and I am so glad that I did! I got everything that I was looking for in a guitar that will last for years and more! The X20 Opus is a work of art that is both functional for work and simply a joy to play. The offset sound hole is an added plus, as it acts as a personal monitor for a very intimate experience with the sound. Thank you so much Emerald!

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