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If you are looking for a guitar that has both the acoustic voice of a parlour-sized guitar, and is still compact enough to fit into an overhead locker on a plane, then the X7 is the right choice for you. The X7 is deceiving. It may be compact, but thanks to its carbon fibre construction, offset soundhole and responsive soundboard, it has a very big voice; So much so that many of our customers use the X7 as their main guitar, on and off stage.

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If you are looking for a guitar that has both the acoustic voice of a parlour-sized guitar, and is still compact enough to fit into an overhead locker on a plane, then the X7 is the right choice for you.

The X7 is deceiving. It may be compact, but thanks to its carbon fibre construction, offset soundhole and responsive soundboard, it has a very big voice; So much so that many of our customers use the X7 as their main guitar, on and off stage.

The X7 Artisan is built to order and generally has a five-month lead time. The Artisan is available in black, amber, red, green and blue, or as a Woody, has full gloss finish on all surfaces, Gotoh 510 tuners (18:1 ratio) and comes with an LR Baggs Element Active System™ – VTC pick-up or upgrade to an LR Baggs Anthem SL™. It comes with a custom-padded Emerald Guitars gig bag.

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Additional information

Scale length

24", 610mm

Nut Width

1 ¾", 44.5mm

Bridge Spacing

2 ¼", 57mm

Overall Length

34", 870mm

Max Body Width

13 3/8", 340mm

Max Body Depth

3 ¾", 95mm

Max Body Length

16 ½", 420mm


3.5lbs, 1.6kg


19 medium stainless steel frets

Tuners (Default)

Gotoh 510 tuners 18:1 ratio (cosmo black)


Graphtech low friction nut and saddle


Graphtech bridge pins with Paua shell inlay

Pickup (Default)

LR Baggs Element Active System™ – VTC


High gloss finish on all surfaces


Custom-padded Emerald gig bag (weighs 1.7kg/3 ¾ lbs)


  1. Seung, South Korea

    I got the X7 this Monday. Had to deal with the customs for a few days, but wasn’t a problem at all. The guitar looks fantastic, and it sounds great!! Honestly, I was stunned by its volume and bass sound!!! Thank you for your hard work. This guitar was definitely worth the wait. By the way, can I know the name of the string you put on the guitar? I like the sound! Thank you again.

  2. Richard, England

    A note to say the guitar arrived safe and sound yesterday. Amazed at the size of the package and so light. A great guitar to carry around and the sound, considering its size and material, is incredible. There is a crispness to the sound as I would expect from carbon fibre as opposed to wood but by no means overly so and a good match for many a wood instrument. I knew it was going to be smaller but thought just a little, this is quite a chunk from a full size guitar yet none of the punch of a full size is lost. Plug it in and the windows rattle Thanks again. Well worth the wait…..and if I had not been on a plane to Barcelona and seen your advertisement in the inflight magazine I’d have never have known about you!

  3. Mark, England

    My guitar arrived today, and it’s fantastic! A great, balanced and characterful tone, well judged action and a pleasure to play. Glad I got in on the St.Patricks day sale and Ill be sure some of my friends will be coming your way when they get to play mine. Best wishes for the future; if this one is anything to go by, you and your company deserve every success.

  4. Jay, Missouri, USA

    Hey just wanted to say I got the guitar and I love it! We do a lot of camping and canoeing and I have been searching forever for a high quality guitar that can handle the rigors and abuse of the travel, water, and weather but I didn’t want to sacrifice sound quality, craftsmanship and playability. This X7 meets and exceeds all my needs and expectations!

  5. Matt Armistead, Raleigh, NC, USA

    I love my Emerald X7 – It looks awesome. Compared to other ‘travel’ guitars, the longer 24″ scale length, with lower bridge position and 1 3/4″ nut width, makes it play more like a full sized guitar. The carbon fiber construction seems to give it lots of presence – with clarity, note definition, and surprising sustain. In jam sessions the X7 fits in to the mix nicely. It is a quality addition to my wooden guitar collection, and for travel there are no worries.

  6. Andy, Singapore

    When I ordered a custom nylon-string X7 from Alistair, I knew the vague outlines of what I wanted in the guitar: The great compact design of the X7, an all-over white finish and custom fret markers. Not only did Alistair deliver, he went above and beyond the order. He created a new bracing to suit the nylon strings, selected a lovely pearlescent white paint, and gave me sparkling green sidedot fret markers to go with the custom fret board markers I asked for. Emerald Guitar fans know this: Alistair doesn’t just make and sell guitars, he fulfils dreams of custom guitars at very reasonable prices. And he is proud of every single guitar that leaves his hands.

  7. Marc, Germany

    The guitar is serving me very well, I used it a couple of times on acoustic-gigs and I was astonished how loud it was despite its size! Unbelievable! I love the action of the instrument but it is a bit high, but this could be because I´m playing electric guitars mainly! cheers

  8. Bruno Hostettler, Switzerland

    You have to be patient to receive an X7 as they are built to order. But it’s worth to wait for it: I love the design and the material, this guitar is small and very solid: ideal for travelling. That’s what I expected and received. But I got even more: it has an excellent sound (for such a small guitar) and it’s easy to play. I’m playing more often than before and I enjoy it.

  9. Ramon, Sydney, Australia

    Emerald Guitars are not easy to come by as Alistair seems to be struggling to meet demand. That is no surprise as these instruments are definitely worth waiting for. My X7 is beautifully crafted in carbon fibre, has amazing tone , more volume than one would expect given its compact dimensions ….and a great neck and action. Anyone who sees and plays the guitar immediately falls in love with it which is a bit of a pain because I find my mates and my kids hogging the thing, limiting my playing time. As a result I have ordered another X7 and also a X10 with a hard case. It would be nice to have a hard case option for the X7 and I would recommend that Alistair look into making one available.

  10. J Bendtsen, USA

    This is the most amazing instrument I have ever played. I recently found one used, the minute I picked it up I was in love. I have never before been so amazed in the tonal quality and playability, truly spectacular to look at hold and play. Thank you Emerald for such an awesome guitar.

  11. JTray

    This guitar is beyond description with regards to sound. Excellent bass and clarity at the top and bottom end. Most guitar players will not buy a guitar without playing it first. No need to worry – the workmanship and tone are top notch. The nice thing about it is that the guitar will not change with humidity and temperature. It is ergonomically a very comfortable design. The intonation is spot on. But I must confess – I purchased a red x20 a year earlier so I just had to have an emerald that I could take with me anywhere I travel. The gig bag is great looking and protects the guitar very well. It is simply refreshing to deal with a company that cares about its customers the way Alstair and his team does. I see a double neck as the next member of the family. You cannot go wrong buying a guitar from these folks.

  12. Brett Boucher

    For days I’ve tried to write a proper review of this guitar but for the life of me, I can’t seem to capture the true essence of what should be said of it. It’s as much a work of art as it is a stunning guitar. The fit and finish are flawless. The color (Amber) is as pleasing as its additional ability to appear black. The color is obvious and brilliant when hit with light, but in regular living space low light it looks black. Gorgeous, exquisite, beautiful, and so on…

    Playability and tone wise it is a true beast. I’ve owned waaaaaaaay too many guitars and I have played 10 times that number and this is among to best. Of all the guitars I’ve owned, two were CA Cargo guitar. I loved both but they each suffered tone wise. They were very capable producing lows and mids but neither were what I’d call capable at highs. They were fantastic guitars and worth the money but this guitar achieves where they fail. Tone wise, I believe this guitar is one of the best balanced I’ve ever owned. Booming lows, steady mids and crisp – clear highs make it a perfect all around guitar. It also feature a full sized neck so there is not adjustments required when switching between this and my Les Paul (another benefit over the Cargo). The responsiveness is it’s greatest attribute. Strummed with a finger it is as soft and sweet as Tupelo Honey (thx VM). Picked lightly it is super tight and crisp. And banged on it booms. Overall it changes dramatically and properly represents whatever the player desires. I just can’t say enough about this guitar. It’s just a crazy cool, crazy capable and easily worth the money. I’m not simply satisfied about buying mine. I thank my lucky stars I was brave enough to make the leap and buy one sight unseen. In doing so, I hoped this guitar would be at least an 8 or 9 on a scale of 1-10 but in the end I’d call it more like a 30 on a scale of 1-10. Thanks Sean and Emerald for a true work of art, it’s a strait up masterpiece.

  13. Tommy O’Brien

    I have now had my X7 artisan just over a week. This is my second Emerald. My first one is a woody X20. That is is probably why I now have an X7..I had almost had an x7 on several occasions in the past having just missed the amber that I wanted. In my most recent purchase Sean locked it in for me and took it off the in stock list.. I could have special ordered but I am more of a now is the time person and I don’t wait good. Anyway, over many conversations and deliberation on a potential return of the X10 I now have the X7. Emerald and Sean treated me the best anyone could expect. Actually better..

    Enough about that. The guitar has a beautiful quality to it. It works for my touch on a guitar whether pick or fingers. Far more depth to the sound than I would have expected. It holds up top to bottom. The video Emerald has of Ted Ponsonby playing the X7 really helped me truly hear the guitar for what I wanted to hear. I guess that is a hard thing to explain.

    One of the major reasons for the guitar was for my son in university. He has to travel through parts of his schooling. Living in temporary residences where everybody may not appreciate a guitar. So I had the intent of the X7 for him, easy to travel with and easy to throttle back on the volume level. The guitar is terrific in both regards.

    The guitar is a small guitar. It is easy to travel with, that is stating the obvious. Further to that it is just a great guitar. If you watch Ted’s video you will hear him make a comment at the end of the video. I fully agree with him. Should this X7 end up travelling a lot away from home then there will likely be another come this way…

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