Tuner Options

Choose from the high-quality Gotoh 510 tuners (18:1 ratio) in either Black, Chrome or Gold. See any of our Emerald Artisan Guitars for full descriptions of these tuners.

Pickup Options

While you can choose our standard LR Baggs Element Active System™ VTC or the LR Baggs Anthem SL™ system upgrade, we also offer the facility to install a number of other pickups.

Custom Neck Width

Have a specific Neck Width Requirement? With Emerald Custom Shop Guitars, we have the ability to customise the width of the guitar neck to meet your playing requirements.  Prices from $450

Custom Scale Length

We have the ability to modify any of our standard scale lengths to suit specific tunings or playability requirements. Prices from $450

Fan Fretting

Fan frets have become very popular in recent years and offer great benefits for alternate tunings and extended range instruments. Prices from $550

Extra Strings

At Emerald Custom Shop you are not confined to six strings - 7, 8, 9 and 12 are common place, but we are not even limited to that. POA

 Custom-Slotted Headstock

Make your instrument stand out with our custom-slotted headstock design.  Available for both nylon and steel string guitars this feature will add that personal touch to your instrument. Prices from $700

Custom Veneers

Over time we have built up stock of some of the most exotic veneers on the planet to use on custom projects. Prices From $650

Other Customizations 

These options are the main custom features we do on a regular basis, but we are by no means limited to this. We are happy to discuss any custom design feature with you.


We like to talk guitars, so let us know what design you have in mind...