St. Patricks
Select Series

Quilted Maple:
March 2020 Collection

Our Monthly Collection of Instruments, hand-selected by Alistair Hay. These are limited edition, one-off guitars that are available to buy online for immediate delivery.

Select Series MARCH 2020

For our March 2020 St. Patricks Select Series we have produced five X20’s with a Quilted Maple Green finish and featuring a modern Celtic Shamrock inlay design.

For many years the plain black fretboard was a signature of Emerald guitars and something we didn’t want to change but sometimes change is good and so Alistair has been on a quest to develop an inlay technique that reflects the unique approach that Emerald takes in all aspects of guitar design and production.

And so, we are delighted to present to you the March 2020 St. Patricks Select Series featuring a modern Shamrock design inlaid using our resin enamel technique.  Watch the video to see how Alistair creates this beautiful design using precious metals and multiple layers of hand mixed pigments to create a design that is modern yet instantly evokes an Irish Celtic design tradition. 

This month’s Select series features 5 X20 model guitars with a quilted maple veneer finished in transparent green, Celtic Shamrock inlay design, Gold Gotoh 510 tuners and LR-Baggs element pickup.  It also includes a custom handmade guitar pick made from an old Irish coin presented in a handmade leather pick pouch and a premium quality handmade leather strap featuring the Emerald logo. 

Is this our greatest Select Series so far? You decide! 

1. X20

X20 – Quilted Maple - Green

The guitar reimagined with the player in mind, not tradition. The X20 is our most popular guitar, and for good reason: great playability, a big voice, and stunning design. The X20 features sculpted asymmetrical bevels and a carefully contoured back for ultimate comfort and accessibility. The X20’s unique sound hole gives powerful full-spectrum projection to the player as well as to the audience for a pristine sound experience. We’ve used everything that carbon fibre allows us to do to create a guitar that looks and feels as unique as it is.

This guitar features a striking and beautifully figured Quilted Maple wood veneer with green carbon back and sides, Gold Gotoh 510 tuners, and the LR-Baggs Element pickup system.

MARCH 2020. Select Series

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