Whether you want a parlour-sized guitar to play at home, or take it on the road, the X7 is the ideal combination - A compact guitar with a big voice

Our standard 6-string has a beautiful ergonomic design which, with its offset sound hole, gives the player a whole new experience

Our 12-string became so popular that it is now part of our standard range. It is one of the best-sounding 12-strings we have ever heard

Our nylon guitar has a really big voice, and with the modified lattice braced top Alistair developed, it has nice bass and mid, but still carries well into treble

Our baritone has a very deep and rich tone and it also has all the benefits you would get from a standard X20

Seven string guitars have very much grown in popularity in recent years, so much so that we decided to add the X20 7-string to our standard range

Our light weight double neck acoustic featuring an ergonomic design with a slim-contoured body that fits comfortably to your body whether playing on your knee or with a strap

Our short scale 12-string allows you to create a brand new sound, without having to learn any new chords

Our travel-sized harp guitar is compact and comfortable to play, yet still has a full strong acoustic voice across all strings

The Synergy X20 is an uncompromising full size harp guitar designed to give a rich full bodied and balanced acoustic experience.

The Synergy Uke gives you a fullness in tone on the ukulele while also having the ability to play bass accompaniment with your lead pieces.

The Balor is an acoustic bass with gut rumbling low frequencies produced at a volume loud enough to compete in any acoustic jam session.

Go beyond our standard range and see all the possibilities that are available to you, from adjusting the scale length, nut width and much more

This is where dreams come true. Check out some of the one-off commissions Alistair has made and let your imagination flow