X7 Videos

Whether you are looking for a compact guitar for playing at home or on stage, or are looking to bring your best sound with you on the road, the X7 is an excellent choice. The innovative one-piece carbon fibre design and unique soundhole position allows for a light and responsive top, providing the warmest, fullest tone you’ll ever find in a parlour-size guitar.

X10 Videos

The effortless neck of an electric; the uncompromising, full-bodied tone of a world-class acoustic. The X10 is a truly world-class acoustic guitar AND a world-class electric guitar in one instrument.

X20 Videos

The X20 is our most popular guitar, and for good reason: great playability, a big voice, and stunning design. We’ve used everything that carbon fibre allows us to do to create a guitar that looks and feels as unique as it is.

X30 Videos

The X30 has the big sound you expect from a jumbo guitar, but the innovative ergonomic design allow for the X30 to be the most comfortable jumbo guitar you will ever play.

Emerald X20-7

X20-7 Videos

Over the years we have been perfecting our 7-string design and found fanned frets to be the best solution to provide even intonation and tension for the extra low B string resulting in strong acoustic projection, defined bass notes, and sweet trebles.

Emerald X20-12

X20-12 Videos

Our most popular and most versatile body design, the X20 is a perfect platform for going beyond the standard 6 strings. Carbon fibre offers great structural strength and stability which makes it perfect for 12-string guitars. The strength of carbon allows us to make a soundboard that is both light and responsive, and its stability and resistance to temperature and humidity create a 12-string that stays in tune much better than its wooden counterparts.

Emerald X20 Baritone

X20 Baritone Videos

The X20 Baritone has everything our standard X20 offers, but takes it deeper. With the unique soundhole design accentuating the bass notes, the X20 has become the perfect platform for lower baritone tunings and projecting a big, full sound to both the player and the audience.

Emerald X20 Nylon

X20 Nylon Videos

Warmth, elegance, and subtlety of nylon strings in a cutting-edge design that offers unprecedented playability.

Emerald Synergy X7

Synergy X7 Videos

The compact, lightweight, yet robust design of the Synergy X7 has made it the most travel-friendly harp guitar for musicians, with an impressively full-bodied sound.

Emerald Synergy X20

Synergy X20 Videos

The Synergy X20 gives you a lifetime's worth of inspiration. Deep, sustaining bass tones perfectly complement the warm, articulate midrange and shimmering highs in a beautifully balanced instrument that comes alive with subtle sympathetic resonances at every touch.

Emerald Synergy Uke

Synergy Uke Videos

The Synergy Uke is built for exploration. The unique design and musical opportunities of the Synergy Uke combining deep, sustaining bass tones with the smooth, clear highs of a tenor ukulele gives this instrument a beautiful full-range sound that will bring a smile to any player.

Emerald Amicus

Amicus Videos

Expanding the sonic possibilities, the Amicus can add compelling textures, depth, and rich dynamic range to any musical situation with a tuning that’s familiar with a guitar player. A great addition to any guitar player’s collection.

Emerald Balor Bass

Balor Bass Videos

Welcome to the next level of acoustic projection. One of the most acoustically powerful basses ever made, the Balor bass will challenge everything you thought you knew about acoustic basses. The Balor is loud enough to be heard in an unplugged jam session, yet lightweight and ergonomic enough to be your favorite instrument ever.

Emerald Chimaera

Chimaera Videos

The Chimaera isn’t just a showstopper. A unique instrument with a unique voice, this 18-string beast is ready to lead you into new creative territory.

Emerald Kestrel

Kestrel Videos

The pinnacle of elegance made possible by Emerald’s innovative one-piece carbon fiber construction. The Kestrel occupies unique territory in the archtop world, offering the rich, unique sound of a traditional electric archtop while still providing a lively acoustic response.