In 2005 I got a commission to build a special guitar that would become a centre piece for a major stage show in the USA. We were given a lot of freedom with the design and just had to come up with something spectacular so between myself, Emmet Shinners and Rory McGowan we started coming up with ideas and letting our imagination run wild. The end result was the Alien, a fantasy abstract biomechanoid from outer space.

It was sculpted by myself and Rory helped extensively with the detailing. It was a striking piece. I sculpted it from foam and it was then covered with carbon to give it great strength and lightness. While the guitar looks big its actually very light and easy to play.

When it was completed it was obvious it wasn’t a guitar that you could just hang on a wall so we built a special stand for it complete with lasers and a little motor to revolve it and show off its entire beauty.

Unfortunately the show was cancelled and I ended up keeping the Alien. It was a centrepiece in my office for a few years before I reluctantly sold it in 2009.

This was a great build because all three of us were involved in it and we all put our own mark on this special design and this was the guitar that in turn inspired Leehom to commission Bahamut.



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