Chimaera Red Fan Fret MIDI

We have worked with Chris on some very special guitars over the years and this is no exception. For the top neck he wanted a 12-string baritone for deep full rhythm strumming. We extended the scale to 27″ and used baritone strings with custom Octaves. The 27″ scale allows enough extra tension to get the Baritone tuning without creating excessive tension, something important for a baritone 12. For the bottom neck we went fan fret Baritone to allow for even lower tunings and for extra versatility we added RMC midi pickups.  A very unique double neck.

  • CLIENT Chris (Illinois, USA)
  • WE DID Scale Length, Fan Fret, 12 String, Pickup

I specifically ordered my Chimaera Baritone from Emerald as a result of my previous positive experiences with their instruments. I worked directly with Alistair on the guitar's specs and Alistair worked with me on ensuring the guitar would provide the sound I was looking for.

I wanted an instrument that would provide a resonant top for the longer scale length, and lower tunings I was envisioning. Alistair worked with me on finding a suitable fan fret 6-string scale length that would allow for lower things and compliment both baritone necks for varied opening tunings.

I also wanted the fan fret baritone 6-string neck to be able to work as a MIDI controller. Alistair was able to custom fit an RMC pickup and onboard controller on Chimaera, which works effortlessly and tracks wonderfully. I also requested a custom gloss finish on the guitar with satin necks, which feels great and is a pleasure to play.

I have used my Chimaera Baritone guitar in the studio and love the tone, deep resonance, and smooth tension of the 12-string and 6-string necks. The RMC MIDI option has come in handy and has been a blast to use for adding full, ambient textures to my sound.

Scale length: 27” top neck, 28 1/2" to 27" fan fret on the bottom neck
Nut width (12-string): 1 15/16"/48.5mm
Nut width (6-string): 1 3/4"/44.5mm
Bridge spacing (12-string): 2 5/8"/66mm
Bridge spacing (6-string): 2 1/4"/57mm
Overall length: 41”/1050mm
Max body width: 17”/430mm
Max body depth: 4”/100mm
Max body length: 19”/480mm
Weight: 4.8lbs/2.2kg
Frets: Fan Frets on 6-string
Gotoh 510 tuners
Nut/Saddle: Graphtech low friction nut and saddle
Bridge: Graphtech bridge pins with Paua shell inlay
Pickup: Two separate outputs
Veneer: No
Colour: Red
Finish: High gloss finish on all surfaces, apart from satin necks (both)

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