Chimaera Woody (Bubinga)

For this custom Chimaera Dirk selected a very fine piece of Bubinga for the top and we matched that to a dark amber finish over the carbon back and sides.


  • CLIENT Dirk (Bremerhaven, Germany)
  • WE DID Veneer

What an amazing and beautiful instrument! It took six month suntil the chimaera arrived in Bremerhaven. If you wait for something very special that can be a long, long time. But every month, every day, every hour was worth it. I opened the case and I had tears of joy in my eyes.

Great craftsmanship, great design, great sound unplugged and played through amplification. Ive sold three of my old guitars, because I don´t need them anymore. Now the Chimaera is my main instrument. All of my old guitars, and the other guitars I sometimes use on stage, had more weight than this double neck. My shoulders don´t hurt anymore after concerts. This is my second Emerald; I also have a X5 Opus travel guitar, a very nice instrument, too. I use this one for journeys or composing (I like to do that outdoors).

I can not rule it out, maybe some day there will be one more...or two (I hope my wife won´t read this...)

Scale length: 25 1/2”/650mm (both necks)
Nut width (6-string): 1 3/4”/44.5mm
Nut width (12-string): 1 15/16”/48.5mm
Bridge spacing (6-string): 2 1/4”/57mm
Bridge spacing (12-string): 2 3/8”/61mm
Overall length: 41”/1050mm
Max body width: 17”/430mm
Max body depth: 4”/100mm
Max body length: 19”/480mm
Weight: 4.4lbs/2kg
Frets: 20 medium stainless steel frets (both necks)
Tuners: Gotoh 510 Tuners 18:1 ratio (chrome)
Nut/Saddle: Graphtech low friction nut and saddle
Bridge: Graphtech bridge pins with Paua shell inlay
Pickup: B-Band Stereo undersaddle pickup system (Stereo output, no onboard controls)
Veneer: Bubinga
Colour: Amber back and sides
Finish: High gloss finish on all surfaces

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