After completing the incredible Triocha 30-string for Kevin Kastning we expected he would be preoccupied for many months getting to grips with all those strings and we wouldn’t hear much from him for a while.

But within about six months of receiving the Triocha and quickly mastering it, he started e-mailing us about the possibility of a 36-string version. If anyone other than Kevin asked me to build a 36-string guitar I would probably think they were just dreaming, but with Kevin doesn’t just dream up fantasy instruments, he has the ability to play them and I feel the need to make them reality.

We discussed the design challenges over a number of Skype calls and numerous e-mails; And soon we had come to a design solution that seemed to make sense.

Actually the 36-string ended being quite a familiar project as it was essentially a doubling of the 18-string neck from the Triocha. We started production in September, 2013 and finally the strings were added and the guitar was complete in January 2014.

Undoubtedly, it was one of the most challenging builds to-date, to get the accuracy and strength we needed, yet still having a responsive top able to create a strong acoustic voice. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to bring this dream to life for Kevin.

  • CLIENT Kevin Kastning



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