Over the past couple of years we have been developing our double neck guitars and this culminated in the creation of the Chimaera which is our production 12 and 6-string doubleneck acoustic.

We thought this was pretty exotic with its 18 strings until along came Kevin Kastning with an idea for a 30-string. Actually it started life as a 26-string, but that just seemed a little too tame. Kevin has been making waves in the acoustic world in the past few years with his 16 and 17-string contra guitars and his Alto guitars so he knew what he wanted. We collaborated on the design over a period of a few months through lengthy Skype calls and eventually we finalised a design and then came a further five months of construction.

The guitar has an 18 string Contra neck and a 12-string Alto neck so its got an incredible range but with all those strings and range comes an incredible amount of tension. It required a whole new approach to build this guitar and a massive step into the unknown but I enjoy a challenge and I have to say it was worth all the effort. It was only when the last string was tuned that we could fully appreciate what we had created.

The guitar has a huge sound with incredible dimension and depth and despite the extreme tension we were able to create a very accurate neck making it way easier to play than it looks.

Ok’ it’s beyond my playing skills, but Kevin assures me it’s easy to play. Kevin has already had the guitar in the studio and I patiently await the results. Welcome to Triocha!

  • CLIENT Kevin Kastning

The instrument is nothing short of stunning. It is a success in every way: the playability and setup are excellent. The voice reminds me of something of a cross between a lute and a harpsichord with a pipe organ in the lowest bass registers. The dual soundholes make for a true stereo instrument. On tape, it sounds massive and huge; yet retains an intimate delicacy. Within five days of receiving it, the Triocha was on its first studio recording date. The Triocha has already become one of my three main instruments for recording, and will be my main instrument for international concert tours. Due to the success of the Triocha, Alistair and I have started discussions of a possible next project. To Alistair and everyone at Emerald Guitars, my sincerest gratitude.

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