X20 Nylon Black MIDI

Mort approached us with the idea to build a Custom Nylon string with RMC pickups. We started off by moving the neck and bridge to give it 12 frets to the body. This moves the bridge further back on the body increasing depth and bass response.
The headstock was hand-carved from a solid block of carbon laminated with over 60 layers. The carving process allows me to create a very elegant and delicate design that I just could not achieve by moulding techniques. Its time consuming but well worth the effort.
Mort felt our standard straight fretboard end didn’t accent the overall curves of the body so Alistair created a custom insert for our mould and gave this guitar a unique curve to the fretboard end.
We don’t do much inlay work, but Mort asked us if Alistair could add a Ki symbol to the 12th fret. Alistair hand-engraved the symbol directly into the fretboard and then infilled it with resin mixed with aluminium powder to give a nice metallic look.
We added the RMC onboard system to this guitar giving him both a great acoustic pickup with great clarity and string separation and also giving the ability to use the guitar for midi.  Alistair is not a big fan of the cover plate for the RMC system so we removed the plate and cut the control knobs and sliders directly into the carbon side for a cleaner look.
  • CLIENT Mort (Connecticut, USA)
  • WE DID Nylon String, Bridge, Pickup, Design

I had been looking for a full-size nylon string classical guitar for over a decade. I was already familiar with purchasing custom-made classicals, but I was hoping for carbon fiber. One more Google search and I found Emerald Guitars. Alistair was great to work with. The X20 was the ideal shape and I wanted a cutaway. Most importantly, I wanted a full-size 2" classical neck that was attached to the body at the 12th fret. He was happy and willing to do it all. Along with the RMC MIDI pickup. When it arrived, I took it out of the case and 'inspected' it. Marvelled is probably a better word. It was gorgeous. And curvy. A clear, rich voice. Since I got it I've brought it to Japan. I'm now outside of Washington DC with it in the backseat of my car. I'm about to put on my fourth set of strings. A different kind every time. I am just thrilled with this guitar.

Scale length: 25.5”/650mm
Nut width: 2”/51.8mm
Bridge spacing: 2”/51.8mm
Overall length: 40”/1020mm
Max body width: 15 ¼”/38mm
Max body depth: 4 ¾”/120mm
Max body length: 19”/480mm
Weight: 4.4lbs/2kg
Frets: 24 medium stainless steel frets
Tuners: Schertler tuners
Nut/Saddle: Graphtech low friction nut and saddle
Bridge: Hand-carved tie bridge
Pickup: RMC Onboard
Veneer: None
Colour: Black
Finish: High gloss finish on all surfaces

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