X7 Woody Quilted Maple Short Scale

We have worked with Chris on a collection of custom instruments, each offering unique tonal properties for his recording projects.  This custom is based on our standard X7, but with a reduced scale length of 21″ so it can be tuned up to A and give Chris higher tunings without the need for a capo.
  • CLIENT Chris (Illinois, USA)
  • WE DID Veneer, Scale Length

I have found using capos to be a great way to create instantaneous higher-pitched open chords on the acoustic guitar. However, as many guitarists will note, capos can sometimes create minor tuning challenges as a result of their pressure on strings and frets. I also like using open tunings, and having a guitar tuned up a fourth - and then modified via open tunings - creates some really nice sounding chords. I worked with Alistair to find a medium between a standard guitar scale length, and that of the Emerald Amicus, to create an instrument that is tuned up a fourth without the need for a capo. The result was a pair of custom X7s, which offered a slightly smaller scale length and body than the X20, yet slightly larger scale length and body of the Amicus.

Alistair worked with me to create a pair of nicely modified instruments that allow increased tonal possibilities and sound great in the recording studio. The smaller scale length and body size also provide wonderful tension and a highly resonant soundboard. Of course, Alistair capped off the instruments with very nice "race car" orange and purple finishes atop a pair of quilted maple tops. I really love how these two instruments came out and the consistent attention to detail provided by Emerald Guitars.

Scale length: 21”
Overall length: 34”/870mm
Max body width: 13.5”/340mm
Max body depth: 43 3/4/95mm
Max body length: 16 1/2”/420mm
Weight: 3.5lbs/1.6kg
Frets: 17 medium stainless steel frets
Tuners: Gotoh 510 tuners 18:1 ratio (cosmo black)
Nut/Saddle: Graphtech low friction nut and saddle
Bridge: Graphtech bridge pins with Paua shell inlay
Pickup: B-Band A3T pickup system with built-in preamp and tuner
Veneer: Quilted Maple
Colour: Vintage Amber
Finish: High gloss finish on all surfaces

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