Synergy X20 Select Series 5/17


This Synergy X20 is part of the monthly Emerald Custom Shop Select Series, a collection of instruments hand-selected by Alistair Hay. It features an Amboyna Burl veneer, fan frets (25.5” to 26.5”) and a seventh, low E sub bass string.

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The Synergy X20 is an uncompromising full size harp guitar designed to give a rich full bodied and balanced acoustic experience on the neck coupled with loud powerful sub bass strings in a modern and ergonomic design.

As we have developed our harp guitar range we have come to recognise the many benefits that carbon fibre allows in the design and construction of these wonderful instruments.

Our moulding technology offers us the ability to create a much more sculpted and ergonomic shape that offers great comfort and balance to the player. The strength of carbon helps us create a light weight and responsive top that can easily take the heavy strain of the sub bass strings.

This Synergy X20 is part of the monthly Emerald Custom Shop Select Series, a collection of instruments hand-selected by Alistair Hay. For this month’s collection Alistair chose an Amboyna Burl veneer from his stock of select veneers sourced from all over the world, and made all instruments fan-fretted. 

For this Synergy X20 we have chosen a Fan Fret scale of 25.5” to 26.5”. This scale opens up a lot of creative tuning options to go with the extended range accompaniment of the harp sub bass strings.

The longer scale of 26.5” on the bass side allows for much lower open tunings while still maintaining good tension and in turn strong punchy bass notes.  The scale is also still in the range where you can happily tune to standard pitch without experiencing too much tension. 

The Synergy X20 Select Series has full gloss finish on all surfaces, an LR Baggs iMix™ pick-up system and comes with a custom-padded Emerald gig bag.

Additional information

Scale Length

25 1/2" to 26 1/2", 650mm to 673mm

Sub Bass Scales

D – 27”/685mm, C – 28 1/2”/724mm, B – 30”/761mm, A – 31 1/4”/785mm, G – 32 1/14”/822mm, F – 33 1/4”/847mm, E – 34 1/4"/872

Nut Width

1 ¾", 44.5mm

Bridge Spacing (Guitar Neck)

2 ¼", 57mm

Overall Length

42", 1067mm

Max Body Width

15 3/4", 400mm

Max Body Depth

6 5/16", 160mm


6.6lbs, 3kg


22 medium stainless steel frets

Tuners (Default)

Gotoh 510 tuners 18:1 ratio (cosmo black)


Graphtech low friction nut and saddle


Black Graphtech bridge pins

Pickup (Default)

LR Baggs iMix™


High gloss finish on all surfaces


Custom-padded Emerald gig bag


Amboyna Burl


  1. Norm (verified owner)

    I have had this guitar for two days, and can’t put it down. It’s beautiful, flawless. It is light weight, balanced and just feels right, and plays like a dream. When you play it, you get these beautiful undertones from the bass strings that really add a tonal element I hadn’t expected. And the greatest surprise is the high strings, balanced and bright, they really stand out. I have played a lot of great guitars in the last 45 years – this one is the best hands down. Thanks Emerald!

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