X20-7 Select Series 5/17

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This X20-7 is part of the monthly Emerald Custom Shop Select Series, a collection of instruments hand-selected by Alistair Hay. It features an Amboyna Burl veneer and fan frets (25.5” to 27”).

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7-string guitars have very much grown in popularity in recent years, so much so that we decided to add the X20-7 to our standard range and thanks to our carbon fibre construction we are able to bring you a beautiful looking and sounding 7-string at a very competitive price.

Over the years we have been perfecting our 7-string design and found fan frets to be the best solution to give even intonation and tension for the extra low B string. We have chosen a scale length of 27″ on the bass side running to 25 1/2″ on the treble side  giving strong, defined bass notes and sweet trebles.

The X20 is a guitar designed with the player in mind and not tradition. It features an ergonomic forearm bevel and a beveled cutaway to give even greater access to the fretboard.  Our unique asymmetrical back contours make the X20 sit more comfortably and securely on your knee.

The neck has a very comfortable shallow C profile with a 2″ nut and the heel is reduced in profile to give better access to the higher frets.

Tonally this guitar has a big voice, We developed a new laminate structure to give it a richer fuller sound and with the unique soundhole placement it gives great projection to the player, while still giving your audience the fullness of your performance.

This X20-7 is part of the monthly Emerald Custom Shop Select Series, a collection of instruments hand-selected by Alistair Hay.

For this month’s collection Alistair chose an Amboyna Burl veneer from his stock of select veneers sourced from all over the world, and made all instruments fan-fretted.

In a month focused on fan frets we had to include an X20-7 string, which we build as standard with a fan scale of 25.5” to 27”. Fan frets can have great benefits on a 6-string, but they really excel on a 7-string where you are adding that extra low B string.

With a conventional scale you end up with the low B being very floppy and lacking definition but with our fan fret scale you have a full 27” scale on the low b string which gives a much tighter and punchier bass response.

The X20-7 Select Series has full gloss finish on all surfaces, an LR Baggs Element Active System™ – VTC pick-up and comes with a custom Hiscox Lite Flite case.

Additional information

Scale length

27" to 25 1/2", 685mm to 648mm

Nut Width

2", 51mm

Bridge Spacing

2 5/8", 66mm

Overall Length

40", 1020mm

Max Body Width

15 ¼", 390mm

Max Body Depth

4 ¾", 120mm

Max Body Length

19", 480mm


4.4lbs, 2kg


22 medium stainless steel frets

Tuners (Default)

Gotoh 510 tuners 18:1 ratio (cosmo black)


Graphtech low friction nut and saddle


Black Graphtech bridge pins

Pickup (Default)

LR Baggs Element Active System™ – VTC


Amboyna Burl


High gloss finish on all surfaces


Hiscox Custom Lite Flite hard case


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