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Chimaera – Lust at first sight – love at first playing

I initially lusted after a twelve and six string Chimaera having seen a picture online. I decided to sate my passion by ordering one, custom built in Bubinga veneer. Upon delivery, my lustful thoughts soon blossomed into a loving relationship and a long term commitment. The beauty and quality of finish, the stability of tuning and the depth of sound are immense, and she turns heads wherever she is seen and heard. Of course, all relationships need to keep the magic and I have decided to spice up ours with the acquisition of an X10 level three where the opportunity to bring an infinite palette of MIDI sounds to the party should make things swing! Whilst I anticipate the X10 becoming my “go to” guitar, especially for live work, I know I will still be caressing the Chimaera with loving regularity.

Michael Day

Customer, Musician, UK

Chimaera – My first Emerald Guitar

‘My first Emerald was a Chimaera 12 double neck 12 and 6 string in classic green carbon.  I had been attracted to the double-neck guitar as it was perfect for a few songs of mine that required alternative tunings and to be able to set up those tunings on 2 different necks and switch between them at parts of the song was a lifesaver.  Such is the beauty of the Chimaera it also served as a very visual part of the show.

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Mark Black

Customer, Professional musician - Ireland

Chimaera, The best double neck I’ve ever played.

My Chimaera is absolutely stunning!!. Alister re-thought the typical double-neck, offsetting the necks, added a few custom mods for me, and topped it with a killer Royal Ebony “Twin Birds” veneer we picked together, this is the best double-neck I’ve ever played !!!

Greg Cox

Customer, Professional musician - Canada.