The Veneers shown are subject to change at short notice. They are one-off sheets and once used for an order cannot be replaced. If you wish to add a particular piece of Custom Veneer to your order, we advise you contact us or connect on Livechat for a realtime update of the status of your preferred piece of Veener.

Ref No: MLB_00003
Suitable for: Balor - Kestrel - Chimera - X30 - X20 - X10 - X7 - Amicus
Ref No: MLB_00004
Suitable for: Chimera- X20 - X10 - X7 - Amicus
Ref No: MLB_00005
Suitable for: Chimera - X20 - X10 - X7 - Amicus
Ref No: MLB_00006
Suitable for: Amicus Only