Balor Bass 4 String – Powerful Acoustic Bass

The Acoustic Bass Redefined.

Raising the standard for acoustic basses.

From: 3125 EUR/USD
One of the most acoustically powerful basses ever made, the Balor bass will challenge everything you thought you knew about acoustic basses.

The first acoustic bass with enough volume and projection to excel as an acoustic instrument, the Balor bass also happens to be one of the most lightweight and comfortable basses ever made. Ergonomic contouring allows the Balor bass to feel like an instrument half its size. With an arm bevel, rib bevel, angled side and a heel-less neck design that gives effortless access to the 24th fret, the Balor bass feels incredibly comfortable in the hands of the player but without sacrificing any of the tone that a great bass should have.

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Sailor Bill Perform in the Emerald Cottage

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Balor Bass – On Location with Michael

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Balor Bass Overview

Balor Bass Specifications

Scale length34″865mm
Nut Width (4 String)⅝”41mm
Nut Width⅝”41mm
String Spacing¾””19mm
Bridge Spacing2 ¼””57mm
Overall Length48 13/16″1240mm
Max Body Width18 ⅛”460mm
Max Body Depth6 11/16″170mm
Max Body Length25 3/16″640mm
Frets24 jumbo stainless steel frets 
Fretboard Radius16″ 
Tuners (Default)Gotoh Res-O-Lite GB350 Bass Machine Heads 20:1 ratio (cosmo black) 
Nut/SaddleGraphtech low friction nut and saddle 
BridgePinless Carbon Bridge 
  • No Pickup
  • Ghost Piezo
  • Ghost Piezo with K&K Contact Pickup
FinishHigh gloss finish on all surfaces 
CaseCustom padded gig bag