Weissenborn-Style Lap Steel Slide Guitar

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Comfort in a time of distress

From: 2450 EUR/USD
In 2020, while the world was in lockdown, Alistair set about designing the very first Emerald Acoustic Lap Steel Slide Guitar. It was a welcome distraction and inspiration during a difficult time, and so he named it Solace. After a year of refinements, we are now delighted to launch this fabulous instrument.

Featuring a hollow body and neck chamber that runs the entire length of its carbon fiber body, the iconic Weissenborn style shape stays true to its roots, with infusions of Emerald Guitar’s own design. With a deep connection to Hawaiian music and surf culture, this versatile instrument is equally at home with the sweetest Hawaiian licks as it is with overdriven rock and southern blues. Played with a tonebar and featuring raised action, the Solace can deliver haunting slide lines or gritty blues and country licks. The carbon construction provides strength and stability between the body and neck, making it suitable for various types of open tunings commonly used by Slide, Dobro and Resonator guitarists.


Open D Sample 1 (Mic)

Open D Sample 2 (Mic)

Open D Sample 3 (Mic)

Open G Sample 1 (Mic)

Open G Sample 2 (Mic)

Medley (Pickup)

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Dark hypnotic blues lap steel | "dark solace"
Dark Hypnotic Blues Lap Steel | "Dark Solace"
Clive barnes plays the emerald guitars solace lap steel
Clive Barnes Plays The Emerald Guitars Solace Lap Steel
Emerald cottage: mark | solace |
Emerald Cottage: Mark | Solace |
"the solace"
"The Solace"
Emerald cottage: clive barnes| solace|
Emerald Cottage: Clive Barnes| Solace|
Clive barns jams on the emerald guitars solace
Clive Barns Jams On The Emerald Guitars Solace

Solace Specifications

Scale length 25 ½” 648mm
String spacing at Nut 1 11⁄16″ 43mm
Bridge Spacing 2 7⁄16″ 63mm
Overall Length 40 5⁄32″ 1020mm
Max Body Width 17″ 430mm
Max Body Depth 4″ 105mm
Weight 5lbs 2.3kg
Tuners Schertler open gear tuners
Nut Graphtech low friction nut
Bridge Pinless carbon bridge
  • No Pickup
  • LR-Baggs Element
  • Ghost Piezo
  • Ghost Piezo with K&K Contact Pickup
Finish High gloss finish on all surfaces (Polyester)
Case Custom Hiscox Flight Case