Compact size, full-size sound.

From: 2550 EUR/USD
Introducing the parlor-sized, small-bodied, X7-12 string acoustic. Utilizing the many benefits of carbon fiber construction, we’ve created a guitar that looks and feels as unique as it is. This smaller-bodied 12 string really packs a punch. A great guitar for home use - or for use on the road as a 12-string travel guitar.

Featuring sculpted asymmetrical bevels and a carefully contoured back for ultimate comfort, a 24” scale and a deep rear cutaway, the X7-12 offers playability right up to the 20th fret. The X7-12 features and accessibility. The X7-12’s unique soundhole gives powerful full-spectrum projection to the player, as well as to the audience for a pristine sound experience. The strength of carbon allows us to make a soundboard that is both light and responsive, and its stability and resistance to temperature and humidity create a 12-string that stays in tune much better than its wooden counterparts

Blues (Mic)

Fingerstyle (Mic)

Picking (Mic)

Strumming (Mic)

Strumming 2 (Mic)

Medley (Pickup)

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Emerald x7 - 12 string
Emerald X7 - 12 String

X7-12 Specifications

Scale length24”615mm
Nut Width1 15/16″48.5mm
Bridge Spacing2 1/2″62mm
Overall Length38 3/16″970mm
Max Body Width14 ¼”360mm
Max Body Depth4 ½”114mm
Max Body Length18″457mm
Frets20 medium stainless steel frets 
Fretboard Radius16” 
Tuners (Default)Gotoh 510 tuners 18:1 ratio (cosmo black) 
Nut/SaddleGraphtech low friction nut and saddle 
BridgePinless Carbon Bridge 
  • No Pickup
  • LR-Baggs Element
FinishHigh gloss finish on all surfaces 
CaseCustom padded gig bag