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We make the finest range of Standard & Custom Carbon Fibre Acoustic Guitars. Our range includes; Standard, Bass, Baritone, Travel, Ukulele, Double Neck, Custom Shop & Harp Guitars. Right & Left Hand.

1. Introducing Emerald Guitars

From ready-to-ship production range instruments to built-to-order custom Emeralds, we have the guitar to suit any player!

What the Experts say about Emerald Guitars.....

2. Custom Veneers

Take your guitar even further with our Exotic Custom Wood Veneers.

Get the natural beauty of a wood guitar, but the strength and durability of carbon fibre. We offer a wide range of some of the finest exotic wood veneers from around the world.

3. Customise Everything!

Bring your dreams to life with the Emerald Custom Shop.

Whether you have your dream instrument planned out to the very last detail or are looking for some guidance and inspiration to finalize your concept, we invite you to reach out to our custom shop, share your story and your vision, and create something truly unique with us.

  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Custom Neck Width
  • Custom Scale Width
  • Fan Fretting
  • Extra Strings
  • Custom Slotted Headstock
  • Custom Veneers
  • and much more…

4. What our Customers Say....

"I was touring the USA with my band Ímar in 2019 and had several gigs in Colorado, which is at a very high altitude. This played havoc with our instruments! After a while researching (Carbon Fibre), I found Emerald and started working with their team. The idea of my bouzouki was coming to life. Shortly after picking up my Emerald Bouzouki, I went on a three month arena tour with the German band The Kelly Family. After some pretty intense touring, there's not a scratch on it, and every time I open the case it's in tune!"

Adam Rhodes, Ireland/Scotland
Owner of an Emerald 10 String Bouzouki

"After buying my first carbon fiber 6 string guitar years ago, I fell in love with the sound and I never looked back. I am drawn to carbon fibre instruments for their stability and peace of mind. Realizing the longevity that comes when you invest in a carbon fiber guitar, for their permanence and ability to hold their tune, You will literally have it for life."

Kord Semrow, Port Huron, Michigan
Owner of an Emerald X20-7, Amicus & Balor Bass

"My search for a new guitar began by looking exclusively at wood instruments. but it didn't take me long to realize that technology and the quality of carbon fiber guitars had greatly increased over the years....The Emerald team took an idea I had in my head and turned into into a beautiful work of art. I play this beautiful guitar nearly every day, and I expect I will for years to come."

Jason Graves, Manassas, Virginia
Owner of a Custom Shop Emerald X30, X20-12 and X10 Lv 1

5. Talk to us!

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