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As an Emerald Guitars owner you have experienced first hand how different and special Emerald Guitars are but what truly makes Emerald special is the family of enthusiastic owners around the world who have helped spread the word about what makes a carbon fiber Emerald Guitar so unique and special.

ambassador program

This does however create a difficulty when you would like to try one of our guitars before making the decision to purchase your dream customised Emerald.ย 

To bridge this gap we have created The Emerald Ambassador program where we connect the family of Emerald owners from around the world with future Emerald owners so they can share their real-world experiences and find out first hand just what makes an Emerald Guitar special to play.


Use the map to locate Emerald owners close to you. Make contact with the Emerald owner using their provided contact details


Arrange a time and place that is convenient to meet up

Share real world experiences about Emerald Guitars and get to try a guitar


Watch out for upcoming Emerald gatherings in your area

Use Map to Find an Ambassador

Ambassador location markers are displayed in the nearest town

Ambassador - What a great way to learn more

This is my first carbon fiber guitar and I love it!! When my X20 arrived the build quality, setup, fit, and finish were flawless. The tone is amazing and the neck fits my hands perfect. Since I live in an extremely dry climate, I like the fact that I do not have to worry about keep the humidity at a certain level.

- By Gary

Please remember that Emerald Ambassadors are private individuals who are willing to share their experiences and time with you for the love of music and guitars. They are not employees of Emerald Guitars and carry no responsibilities or obligations relating to any future purchases you may make.

Guitars presented by Emerald Ambassadors may be older models and may not represent the current specification of a current model. Also please remember these guitars are the personal instruments of the ambassador and may not reflect the condition of a new guitar.

Want to become an Ambassador?

Sign up and spread the word about your Emerald guitar, gain rewards, invites to Emerald meet-ups, be the first to know about new products and more


No all orders should be placed directly with an Emerald Guitars sales representative or through the Emerald Website

No all communication relating to issues with a purchase or technical questions about a guitar should go straight to the Emerald help desk

You can find your nearest Emerald Ambassador through the interactive map and you can then contact them to arrange a meeting point.

There are Emerald owners in many parts of the world that are not listed on the interactive map. You could try posting a question on the Emerald Guitars Community Hub Facebook group

We will post details of upcoming meets on the Calendar above. Events may also be posted on The community Hub and on our social media channels.

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