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Our Entire Range of Custom Carbon Fiber Instruments

Virtuo – The Ultimate Performance Guitar

Electric/Acoustic Hybrid

X7 – Parlor Guitar

6-String Parlour-Sized Acoustic


12-String Parlour-Sized Acoustic

X10 Slimline Nylon

Nylon 6-String Acoustic/Electric Hybrid

X10 Slimline

6-String Acoustic/Electric Hybrid


6-String Acoustic/Electric Hybrid


6-String Signature Acoustic

X20 Lefty

6-String Signature Acoustic

X20- 12 String Guitar

12-String Signature Acoustic

X20-12 Lefty

12-String Signature Acoustic

X20-7 Tremendous Trebles & Rich Bass

7-String Fanned Fret Acoustic

X20 Baritone – Spectacular Projection

6-String Baritone Acoustic

X20 Nylon – Elegance, Clarity & Power

6-String Nylon Acoustic

X30 Jumbo

6-String Jumbo Acoustic


12-String Jumbo Acoustic

Amicus Lefty

Short Scale 12-String Acoustic


Short Scale 12-String Acoustic

Balor Bass 4 String – Powerful Acoustic Bass

4 String | Fretted/Fretless

Balor Bass 5 String

5 String Fretted/Fretless


18-String Double-Neck Acoustic


6-String Archtop Guitar


Weissenborn Style Lap Steel

Synergy Uke

Harp Ukulele

Synergy X7

Compact Size Harp Guitar

Synergy X20

Standard Size Harp Guitar

Welcome to Emerald

The Market Leaders in Carbon Fiber Acoustic & Electro-Hybrid Guitars.

Available in Standard, Archtop, Bass, Baritone, Travel, Ukulele, Double Neck & Harp Guitar Models.
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Embracing Ergonomics in emerald carbon fiber guitars

Embracing Ergonomics

When Alistair started building guitars, he began by making a mold of his own Hohner acoustic guitar. It had everything you’d expect from an acoustic;

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