Changing the Game with the Jumbo 12 String Guitar

Big Guitar. Big Sound. Big Comfort.

From: 2750 EUR/USD
The X30-12 has the big sound you expect from a jumbo 12 string guitar however the innovative ergonomic design allows the X30-12 to be the most comfortable jumbo 12 string you will ever play.

The X30 is a perfect body size to partner with the 12 string sound. The jumbo body size is ideal for achieving loud projection and accurate pronunciation of each individual note. With all the benefits of great ergonomics, a balanced tone and high fret access with the heel cutaway the guitar feels more comfortable than you can imagine. If you want a big sound, you need a big bodied guitar to catch all those low, mid and high end frequencies. It’s deep at the low end, punchy in the middle and sparkles in the highs. The X30-12 is a full bodied 12 string with an incredibly big sound to match it.

Blues (Mic)

Picking (Mic)

Picking 2 (Mic)

Strumming (Mic)

Strumming 2 (Mic)

Medley (Pickup)

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X30-12 Samples with Mark

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X30-12 Demo 2 with Pat

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X30-12 Demo with Pat

X30-12 Specifications

Scale length25 1/2″650mm
Nut Width1 15/16″48.5mm
Bridge Spacing2 1/2″63mm
Overall Length41 11/16″1060mm
Max Body Width17″430mm
Max Body Depth5 3⁄4″146mm
Max Body Length21″533mm
Frets22 medium stainless steel frets 
Fretboard Radius16″ 
Tuners (Default)Gotoh 510 tuners 18:1 ratio (cosmo black) 
Nut/SaddleGraphtech low friction nut and saddle 
BridgePinless Carbon Bridge 
  • No Pickup
  • LR-Baggs Element
  • Ghost Piezo
  • Ghost Piezo with K&K Contact Pickup 
FinishHigh gloss finish on all surfaces 
CaseHiscox Custom Lite Flite hard case