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X20-7 Only my Emerald can do it.

“The only guitar I have with the soundhole right near my ears with a full, rich sound is my Emerald. It’s the only guitar I can travel with from Africa to the Antarctic without worrying about damaging my guitar. Only my Emerald can do it.

Lionel Loueke

Customer, Professional musician

Synergy X20 – A new level of playing.

‘My Emerald HarpGuitar took my playing to a whole new level. Robust, sleek and huge sounding to say the least! A wonderful company to create the stuff that dreams are made of. Thanks guys!’

Tommy Loose

Customer, Musician, United Kingdom.

X10 – A constant companion

The X10 for me has bridged the gap between the acoustic and electric world.  It’s a constant companion for both the stage and studio alike.  What makes it extra special?
It thrives in the outdoors too 🙂

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 08.29.41
Kevin Quigley

Emerald, Professional musician - Ireland

X10 – Something special

X10, from the first moment I held it in my hands, I knew it was something special, and It has since become my “go-to” instrument. Whether performing on stage both locally and worldwide, it is always by my side. This is definitely going to feature heavily on the new Davy K Project album! Electric and midi capabilities at the flick of a switch make this the most versatile instrument I have ever had the privilege of playing.

Davy K

Emerald, Professional musician - Ireland

Amicus – I can’t put it down

I really can’t put this instrument down! So rock solid and so playable, and such a beautiful tone and the craftsmanship is second to none- it’s exactly what I hoped for and much much more! A fantastic instrument that is equally at home in the studio as well as the stage. Love it!!!

Davy K

Emerald, Professional musician - Ireland

Chimaera – Lust at first sight – love at first playing

I initially lusted after a twelve and six string Chimaera having seen a picture online. I decided to sate my passion by ordering one, custom built in Bubinga veneer. Upon delivery, my lustful thoughts soon blossomed into a loving relationship and a long term commitment. The beauty and quality of finish, the stability of tuning and the depth of sound are immense, and she turns heads wherever she is seen and heard. Of course, all relationships need to keep the magic and I have decided to spice up ours with the acquisition of an X10 level three where the opportunity to bring an infinite palette of MIDI sounds to the party should make things swing! Whilst I anticipate the X10 becoming my “go to” guitar, especially for live work, I know I will still be caressing the Chimaera with loving regularity.

Michael Day

Customer, Musician, UK

Balor – I Love this Bass

I stumble upon Emerald Instruments about 2014. I looked at these a drooled for 3 years and finally cracked. Never having played one I took a huge chance, to my amazement as so I tuned it and started to play, I realised it has all the warmth and rich tones of wood and just feels amazing to play. The neck feels the same as my 1992 Yamaha TRB 5P (My main Electric Bass). I am So Freakin Happy!!! with this Bass My Balor Artisan 5 string BLUE! (the best color in the world) well, Emerald? It came with D’Addario Half Rounds so I needed to change nothing. In fact, I just changed the strings recently following hundreds of gigs.

All I know is this is probably the best investment in my career I could have possibly made…

me o (2) (1)
Rob DeSorbo

Customer, Musician, USA.

X30- So comfortable to play

I love my Emerald X30 so much I bring it everywhere. I find it so comfortable to play even though it’s considered jumbo I find it the perfect size for me.  I have played smaller guitars and I’m not fond of them as I’ve gotten so used to my Emerald that nothing could compare it fits me like a glove! I’ve had my Emerald for two years now and it’s been the best part of my musical journey.  The best part is when I play my X30 on stage it’s such a beauty the audience is always blown away by the sound and how easy it is to handle for such a small girl!  Living in New York can be a real challenge with all the extreme temperature changes my emerald never fails me it’s so reliable and hardly goes out of tune.  I’m 12 years old now I couldn’t imagine my life without an Emerald I plan on having a collection of there guitars in the future if I’m lucky enough! The Emerald family have been such a blessing in my life and I’m so lucky and proud to own one of there custom made guitars!!

erisa 1

Customer - New York

Synergy Uke – They sound awesome

I’m a happy owner of several Emerald instruments; as for now, I own both a Harp Guitar and Harp ukulele from their “Synergy” line and will soon get an amazing acoustic 7 string as well
the reason why I fell in love with these instruments is easy, first of all, they sound awesome, the second is the carbon fibre material with which you will never get any humidity problems
the final reason is that they just look amazing. I love that somewhat “futuristic” look, and build quality is the best I’ve ever seen
Take them at the beach or in the cold snow, and you will very hardly ever need to retune them

For Ning
Jan Laurenz

Customer, Professional musician - Switzerland

Amicus – One of my favourite instruments.

Sublime tonality, exceptional feel and an incredible overall sound are what you get from the Emerald Amicus. As melodically unique as it is visually. I started to swap out my mandolin for this beauty as soon as I received it, and it immediately opened up the endless possibilities of what I can achieve on 12 strings when I perform with The High Kings. The carbon fibre finish is just stunning to look at, matched only by the musicality that oozes from each fret. One of my favourite instruments.

darren holden
Darren Holden

Customer, Professional musician - Ireland "The High Kings"

X20 – In the Hands of the High Kings

I have played my Artisan X20 all over the world with The High Kings since 2016 and the reaction to this incredible guitar is always astonishing. It immediately captures the eyes and ears of any audience we play to and I’m always asked about it online afterwards. The sound, the feel, the touch, the music that emanates from it is pure feeling and musical emotion. This along with my beautiful Amicus are what makes Emerald Guitars my absolute go-to manufacturers. Alistair and his team are a step above and beyond and I highly recommend anyone who loves music to check out the magic of Emerald Guitars.

Darren Holden

Customer, Professional musician - Ireland "The High Kings"

X20 – simply the finest guitar

My Emerald X20 is simply the finest guitar I’ve ever played in my life! I’m a career musician – never had a day job in 30 years – and have owned numerous high-end Taylors over my life. While I still have 2 for sentimental reasons, I will never perform with anything besides my Emerald. It sounds, plays, and looks superior to everything else I’ve owned. I fly with it all the time, I have complete confidence that it will arrive unscathed…it’s tough as nails as well as beautiful. I look forward to getting an X30 12 string to bring on stage with me as well. I can’t recommend Emerald guitars highly enough!

Glen Everhart

Customer, Professional musician - USA

X10 – My main gigging guitar

I also own an X10 level 2 with mag and piezo pickups.  The X10 is my main gigging acoustic guitar and for many reasons, I regard it as one of the best performance acoustics out there.  The range of pickups and compatibility with using effects and modulation make it a perfect guitar for the solo performer looping and building up backing samples.  The slim neck design and body contours has eliminated some lower arm pain I was having from regular daily playing and practising.  The X10 also holds its tuning more than any other acoustic I’ve played and string breakages are rare these days as a result of the string saver Graphtech saddles, I get much more life from my strings these days.

Mark Black

Customer, Professional musician - Ireland

Chimaera – My first Emerald Guitar

‘My first Emerald was a Chimaera 12 double neck 12 and 6 string in classic green carbon.  I had been attracted to the double-neck guitar as it was perfect for a few songs of mine that required alternative tunings and to be able to set up those tunings on 2 different necks and switch between them at parts of the song was a lifesaver.  Such is the beauty of the Chimaera it also served as a very visual part of the show.

161371438_943346373088916_2878650196767259548_n (1)
Mark Black

Customer, Professional musician - Ireland

X10 in California

“As a beginner, this guitar is really easy to play. It’s got a comfortable neck, beautiful sound and it never goes out of tune! Plus, it’s super pretty!”

Shannon_McCabe_x10-landscape (1)
Shannon McCabe

Customer, California, USA.

X30 in Minnesota

I love my Emerald x30!!  I live on a lake in Minnesota.  The temp and humidity change all the time, and this guitar holds it’s own every time I pick it up!  It is the best playing experience of any guitar I have ever had!! The sound position gives you the same perspective as the listener.  The only complaint I have is now I want a Baritone, a 12 string, and a bass!!

Tom Pavek


X20 – “Meadhbh”

The unconventional, extraordinary look is one outstanding issue, but how delighted was I when I played her the first time. What a warm, smooth, yet powerful sound. I love her expressive bass with the long sustain and the crystal clear heights when I fingerpick slow ballads. Her low string height makes bar chords easy (easier than any of my current wooden guitars). She requires a little fingertip feeling when being passionately strummed, you have to be gentle with her, and to me, wooden picks sound better, warmer, richer than vinyl ones.
She snuggles up to your body like a beloved girlfriend (that’s the reason why I called her Meadhbh?), and it’s indeed hard to lay her aside.
Thank you, Emerald Guitars for that masterpiece

Thomas Wolff & X20 Meadhbh
Thomas Wolff


X20- A full body guitar.

“My X20 is a fantastic guitar.  A full-body guitar is similar in size and sound to a maple body D28. A truly balanced sound with a crispy top end.”

Bruce Kubel

Customer, Musician, USA.

X10 – A top shelf guitar.

“The X10 checks all the boxes of a top-shelf guitar.  The level three version comes equipped with a Piezo, a humbucker, and MIDI pickup for the widest spectrum of sound available.
Bruce Kubel, Sacramento, California

Bruce Kubel

Customer, Musician, USA.

Balor Bass – You’ll be amazed.

Dare to be different and play an Emerald Bass from Ireland, you’ll be amazed. I love my Balor Bass, it looks funky and sounds great on my acoustic sessions and concerts, a real head-turner. Thanks to Alistair and the team.

James B
James Blennerhassett

Customer, Professional musician - Ireland

Balor Bass – with a low end warmth.

I had no idea how my recordings would be so elevated by adding the Balor to my collection. I was initially hesitant about purchasing it because I wasn’t sure how it would record through my setup. Plus, I’d never played a bass before. But after I played back my first track with the Balor and I heard the low-end warmth and almost growl it brought to the recording I knew I’d made the right choice. The Balor is an awesome and powerful instrument. I only wish I would have ordered It sooner.

Balor pic
Kord Semrow

Customer, Musician, USA.

Amicus – An exceptional Guitar

I love the Amicus because it brings such a clear and bright sound to my recordings. By having 12 strings, it is able to offer a much wider range than my mandolin. This is an exceptional guitar that every musician should own!

Amicus pic
Kord Semrow

Customer, Musician, USA.

x20-7 Exceeded my Expectations

My Emerald X20-7 exceeded my expectations from the day I received it in the mail. I instantly fell in love with Emerald’s unique shape and style while scrolling through their website. Amongst my collection of guitars, the X20-7 remains my go-to guitar.  I continue enjoying the sound and feel of this instrument after playing it every day even years later.

X20-7 pic
Kord Semrow

Customer, Musician, USA.

X20-7 – Something new and glorious

I ordered the X20-7 as a companion for my X20 in the summer of 2019. I went for the 7-string because I’d never played one before, and I liked the challenge of something new. Like the X20 before it, it’s a gorgeous instrument; the fan frets make it very manageable. It sounds delicious – I often just hit that low B when I’m walking past just for that glorious rich resonance.

David Eastwood