Harp guitar is an instrument for special occasions

The harp guitar can add something special to your wedding day, as Jim Olsen has discovered.

Based in Pillager, MN in the United States Jim is a professional guitarist who specialises in weddings, dinner parties, social hours, corporate events and other special occasions.

He discovered Emerald Guitars by simply searching for ‘harp guitars’ on YouTube and subsequently got in contact with us to place an order for a Synergy X20 Opus harp guitar. “My new Synergy X20 is wonderful! It sounds great!  It feels great!  It looks great!”

Jim bought the Synergy X20 earlier this year with the intention of mainly playing it at weddings and offering something different this summer. “What a beautiful instrument! I haven’t plugged it in yet, but I’ve been playing it acoustically, and I love it,” Jim said after first receiving it.

He subsequently recorded the above video and we would like to thank Jim sincerely for giving us a shout-out in his promotional piece. He has a wonderful repertoire of songs on the harp guitar, as you can tell from this video. If you have a special occasion coming up and Jim happens to be close to you, contact him via his website.

The Synergy X20

The Synergy X20 is an uncompromising full size harp guitar designed to give a rich, full bodied and balanced acoustic experience on the neck coupled with loud powerful sub bass strings in a modern and ergonomic design.

As we have developed our harp guitar range we have come to recognise the many benefits that carbon fibre allows in the design and construction of these wonderful instruments.

Our moulding technology offers us the ability to create a much more sculpted and ergonomic shape that offers great comfort and balance to the player. The strength of carbon helps us create a light weight and responsive top that can easily take the heavy strain of the sub bass strings. If you would like to find out more about the Synergy X20 Opus that Jim is playing, go to the product page.







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