Balor Bass String Comparison With Michael Gillespie

Bass strings

Mark Gillespie compares string-types on The Balor Acoustic Bass

The Balor is the definition of a game-changer when it comes to the world of acoustic bass. With its highly ergonomic design and gut-rumblingly low frequencies, the Balor is the world’s loudest (and probably most comfortable) acoustic. It has already received glowing reviews from legends such as Billy Sheehan and Matt Bissonette, and garnered attention from the bass-playing world.

In this video, bassist and friend of Emerald Guitars, Mark Gillespie compares how the balor sounds with different string types. Whether your playing style is more country, rock or jazz (to name a few) there are some great string options for tone and playability.

The Strings Mark reviews are all from D’Addario:

  • Phosphor Bronze (Which come as standard with the Balor)
  • Chrome Flatwound
  • Nylon Tapewounds
  • Half rounds


If you would like to learn more about the Balor, including specs, reviews and videos, click here 



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