Birthday boy Tommy Loose picks up his custom Synergy X20 harp guitar

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our friend Tommy Loose, who was with us earlier this week to pick up his custom harp guitar, a very Happy Birthday as he turns 30 on Thursday, January 11!

Tommy is a professional musician/examiner/tutor who first visited us here in St Johnston last August while he was over from England for a series of gigs around the island of Ireland and got to try out the Synergy X20, our full size harp guitar.

“I saw Emerald Guitars start to pop up everywhere in my Facebook group ‘Fingerstyle Hub’ and I got in touch with the folks at the factory to see if I could pop in and say hey/try a harp guitar whilst I was nearby, touring Ireland.

“The Synergy X20 felt super comfy straight away, every sleek part of the design felt justified and just slotted into my body to accommodate very natural posture. The tone and feel are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, with incredibly stable tuning on all 12 string, he said

Andy McKee

Tommy, who is based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, first started playing the harp guitar after seeing Andy McKee on YouTube back in 2006/2007 with his tune Into The Ocean.

“I then caught him live and had to track one down. Gumtree provided the answer! I picked up a Lark In The Morning harp guitar from a guy up in Scotland, it arrived, I loved it, then panicked as I realised I had no idea how to play it. So I got to work.”

Shortly after his visit to our offices, Tommy placed the order for his first ever built-to-order instrument, a custom blue Synergy X20 Artisan featuring fan frets which he collected on Monday and kindly performed on it for us playing his original piece The love I kept a secret.

“Upon trying my new harp guitar, I was blown away and instantly felt 10 times more cool than I actually am. The fan frets took less than five minutes to get used to, the comfort was off the scale and the eight hours home on the ferry just flew by. I cannot WAIT to gig this thing!” Subscribe to Tommy Loose on Facebook: Tommy Loose Music and YouTube


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