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Emerald Guitars has the biggest range of carbon fiber instruments and to make it easier for you to pick out the right one we have created this page so you can compare all the different models. So relax and enjoy as you study each guitar.

Synergy Ukulele Specifications

Scale length 17 ยฝ” 445mm
Sub Bass Scales C โ€“ 20 1⁄16โ€ A โ€“ 20 7⁄8โ€ G โ€“ 21 7⁄16โ€ F โ€“ 21 7⁄8โ€ C โ€“ 510mm A โ€“ 530mm G โ€“ 545mm F โ€“ 555mm
Nut Width 1 ยฝ” 38mm
Bridge Spacing 1 11⁄16 43mm
Overall Length 27 3⁄8″ 695mm
Max Body Width 10 ยผ” 260mm
Max Body Depth 3 3⁄8″ 85mm
Weight 2.2lbs 1kg
Frets 19 medium stainless steel frets
Tuners (Default) Gotoh UPT (Planetary ukulele tuners) 4:1 Ratio
Nut/Saddle Graphtech low friction nut and saddle
Bridge Pinless Carbon Bridge
  • No Pickup
  • Dual LR-Baggs Element
Finish High gloss finish on all surfaces
Case Custom padded gig bag
Tuning G-C-E-A (tenor uke neck); F-G-A-C (sub bass strings)

Synergy Uke Audio Sample

Plucked (Mic)

Plucked (Blend)

Plucked (DI)

Light Strumming (DI)

Light Strumming (Mic)

Light Strumming Combined