We’re spotted on Tony Polecastro’s Acoustic Tuesday

Emerald Guitars has been spotted on hugely popular YouTube channel AcousticLife.tv!

The cat is out of the bag! Well-known YouTuber Tony Polecastro has had his hands on two Emerald Guitars for a few weeks now and will be releasing his reviews of them in the very near future.

Some of our eagle-eyed followers may have noticed that last month’s X20 Select Series 1/18 was listed as being in Montana for Tony’s Acoustic Challenge. As well as that beautiful model, we also sent him our short scale 12-string, the Amicus Artisan.

Our guitars were actually visible in the set of Tony’s 2018 State of TAC Address – TAC Guitar Party #42, published at the beginning of January. But it wasn’t until yesterday’s weekly edition of their show Acoustic Tuesday (see above) that a viewer noted during the live stream that she ‘spied’ an Emerald Guitar behind Tony. He promptly revealed that he would be reviewing two of our guitars shortly and thought they were ‘fantastic’.

Tony Polecastro is a self-diagnosed ‘Acoustic Guitar Geek’ whose mission on this planet is to advocate for the acoustic lifestyle starting  conversations about acoustic music, acoustic guitars and gear, folk culture, and of course, learning guitar!

On his YouTube channel, AcousticLife.tv Tony regularly publishes interviews with artists, guitar icons and also does new folk music album reviews, guitar instruction goodies, acoustic guitar reviews, other fun and inspirational acoustic goodness. Make sure to subscribe to his channel!

We would like to thank Tony and his team for checking out the X20 and Amicus and look forward to hearing his thoughts. If would like to know more about our flaship model, go to the X20 Artisan page. Videos, specs and more on the Amicus are available here.




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