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Watch: Alistair Unveils Three New Emerald Guitars

Watch Alistair unveil the three new models recently at the Art of Guitar Event

20 years after building the very first Emerald guitar, Alistair set about creating 3 new models to mark the occasion. Watch the video above for the first-look and unveiling of the guitars at the Art of Guitar event, which was held this summer.

The New X7

The X7 is a parlour sized guitar and has been designed to offer maximum tonal output in a compact ergonomic package. The newly redesigned X7 features an extended access cutaway design that eliminates the heel and gives thumb access up the back of the neck for the full extent of the generous cutaway.  Whether you are looking for a parlour guitar for playing at home or on stage or a compact guitar for road tough travel the X7 will prove an excellent choice.


Precision, Playability, power and presence, thats what defines the X10.  The body has been sculpted with an ergonomic design for comfort and playability with a slim fast neck and an extended access cutaway to give unrivalled access right up to the 24th fret. Acoustically the X10 offers the great tone Emerald guitars are known for but its when you plug it in that it really takes it to a new level of versatility. (Performance Video Coming Soon)


The X30 is designed with one thing in mind and that is big acoustic tone.  This is a big guitar of that there is no doubt and it is the large body size, coupled with a refined carbon fibre soundboard design that gives this guitar such a big full tone. It has a thunderous bottom end yet still offers great balance across the full range. 




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