Guitarist Magazine Demos The X10

Sometimes a change of pace is necessary, and Dave Mead’s no-talkin’ straight-to-the-point demonstration of the Emerald Guitars X10 Artisan Woody is exactly that. Reviewed in Guitarist Magazine’s 456th issue, the carbon fiber X10 is where the worlds of electric and acoustic meet. Its slim neck design is perfect for speed and comfort, and a contoured and cutaway heel allows the player to easily access the highest notes on the fretboard. A fully adjustable carbon bridge is equipped with individual Graphtech piezo pickups, and a magnetic pickup at the neck gives the player plenty of options for individual or blended tones. With the ability to connect a midi device via the built-in hexaphonic output, the sound possibilities with the X10 are endless.

Dave Mead is a seasoned acoustic guitarist, writer, journalist and teacher, and author of several books on the guitar – including the best-selling 10 Minute Guitar Workout and Crash Course Acoustic. Having written for guitar magazines for 25 years and also having been the editor of Guitarist and Guitar Techniques magazines, Dave brought his lifelong experience to the Emerald Guitars X10 review – testing it through various different mediums and recording configurations.

Join Dave and Guitarist Magazine as they demonstrate the many tonal options available with the Emerald Guitars X-10. To read their feature on the X-10, click here to download the PDF.


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