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Jan Laurenz Plays ‘Faithfully’ On His Synergy Uke

Jan Laurenz has blown us away with this beautiful cover of Journey’s song ‘Faithfully’ on an Emerald Synergy Uke.

Multi-string musician, and well known YouTuber, Jan Laurenz became a proud owner of a Synergy Uke earlier this year. He very kindly sent us a review of the Synergy Uke, which you can watch by clicking here. You can Read some of Jan’s musical journey below, where he explains his evolution as a musician and how he came across Emerald Guitars.

I started at age 6 on classical guitar, and the guitar was my main instrument for years. I was very influenced by my parents Paco de Lucia flamenco records. IĀ started a degree in Jazz school at age 19, where I studied for about 4 years and later moved to Spain to learn more Flamenco and subsequently started playing regularly at clubs.
Then one day I discovered the “Chapman Stick”, which was a big turning point and moved me in a more “New age” musical approach. I always had a big interest in somewhat “special instruments” over the years and I played a lot of instruments, all string based, from tapping to electrical, steel-string fingerpicking and more. For the last few years I have become mostly interested in the pure acoustic sound, and during that time I discovered the Ukulele and it’s lovely almost “Harp-like sound” on such a tiny instrument.
The possibilities on high G tuned ukes are very interesting, for example the so called “campanella technique” and scale combinations are amazing and not possible to play on other similar instruments. This combination plus added Drone strings sounded even more interesting, which led me to buy a “Anuenue Harp ukulele”, which is lovely and also a beautiful crafted instrument. It seemed to be a fragile instrument and I live in southern part of Switzerland, where the temperatures change very often and humidity is a problem. IĀ discovered the Emerald Company and their carbon fiber instruments – well i couldn’t be more happy and proud to own one of their amazing Harp Ukes!
Here is why: firstly, intonation – it is flawless. I have never had such a perfectly intonated instrument. The warm tone which I would never had expected from a carbon Instrument, the rich Bass is awesome. Not having to worry about temperature changes any more is just a big plus.
Overall build quality is perfect and the built in pickup sounds amazing. Everything feels great about this instrument. I love to experiment new tunings on the “Bass strings” while keeping my standard ukulele tuning on the neck, which means it is endless and I can play any style that way by simply adapting the bass notes to the desired mood or song.
The Synergy Harp Uke is a must have for creative musicians.

Click here to watch more of Jan’s videos on YouTube


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