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The competition has ended and the winner will be announced soon

What goes through the mind of a guitar superstar when designing his dream instrument?

Justin Johnson asked us to build him a guitar; we’re asking you to design it.

Pick it

Justin has chosen an X20 as the next Emerald in his collection. He wants you to choose the rest – the carbon, veneer, pick-ups, bridge, accessories, inlay design, the 12th fret custom engraving.

Design It

Get into Justin Johnson’s head. Design & submit your guitar entry on the Emerald 3D Guitar Builder. The process takes only a few minutes.


Justin will choose his favourite submitted design. We’ll custom-build that guitar for him. And we’ll make it for you too.

History 02

Be a part of modern guitar craft and culture. This is guitar-making history in the making. It’s free to enter. Design it now on the Emerald 3D Guitar Builder.

An Emerald Guitars Initiative in Collaboration With Justin Johnson


Competition Rules

Entrants are invited to design an Emerald X20 guitar on the Emerald Guitars 3D Builder at All submitted designs will be reviewed, and Justin Johnson will choose his favourite submitted design. Based on various factors that may have to be taken into consideration, the submitted design may be changed, before going into production. Emerald Guitars will build the guitar, according to final specifications, after review. If the submitted design is changed, every effort will be made to ensure that the design is kept as close to the submitted design as reasonable, based on the factors that may have to be considred.

One guitar will be built and sent to Justin Johnson for his use. Another guitar, built according to the same specifications, will be sent to the winner. There will be one winner. The X20 guitar represents the complete and absolute compensation for the winner. The guitar cannot be exchanged for a monetary amount or for anything of similar value. If a veneer is included in the final specification, there may be a variation in the veneer pattern of the two guitars, due to the one-off nature of the veneers.

Emerald Guitars may, at its own discretion, produce more than two of this X20 guitar using the same custom specifications. The winner will not receive any compensation for any further guitars that may be produced according to the specifications.

Emerald Guitars owns all IP – copyright, design rights, etc – of the final design, and the guitar represents full and final consideration for the transfer to Emerald Guitars of all such IP rights.

Any one person may enter the competition a maximum of one time on any given day, during the competition period.

There will only be one winner. If the submitted design specification selected by Justin Johnson has been submitted by more than  one person, the winning entrant will be chosen by a computerised random generator.

Entries can be made over a 15-day period only, from June 17, 2024 to July 01, 2024, inclusive. All entries must be made on the Emerald Guitars 3D Builder.

By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees that Emerald Guitars will not be liable or responsible for any loss or liability such entrant might incur or be responsible for as a result of, or in connection with, such entry (save for such losses and liabilities as cannot be disclaimed as a matter of law).

The Competition is run by Emerald Guitars. The rules of the competition are subject to change at the discretion of Emerald Guitars.


If you have any questions or comments in relation to this competition, you can email us at