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Michael reviews his new custom X20 Nylon carbon fibre acoustic

Michael in Florida received his new custom X20 Nylon carbon fibre nylon acoustic and kindly sent us his first thoughts.

Availing of the many modification possibilities available here at Emerald Guitars, Michael’s X20 Nylon received a custom nut width of 53.5mm and a flat fretboard.

‘The new guitar arrived today……my wife called me to let me know. Total travel time from Emerald in lovely Ireland to the home of the US insanity took 5 days.

However, I must tell you we have an issue. My wife found this little cardboard box within the guitar box and proceeded to open it, check out the contents and proclaim “Oh look, those lovely folks in Ireland sent you a new guitar but sent me a lovely mug”.

Well, I am not entirely sure that the intent was exactly as she interpreted it, but the old adage “Happy Wife, Happy Life” is par for the course.

The guitar is lovely, workmanship is superb, but most importantly it plays as easy as my $18,000 Robert Ruck Double Top Classical. The tone is kind of a cross between a wood flamenco and a steel string acoustic which I happen to find very nice. Sustain is lovely, upper frequencies are crisp and defined and the basses are full and deep. Lovely harmonics.

I did change the strings to D’Addario EJ45 Classical strings as the basses are a bit darker than the strings you folks used. I typically play with Savarez on my wood classical and flamenco, but I felt they would be a little too bright on this beauty. The EJ 45’s sound perfect.

The instrument is well balanced and the neck is so smooth. Makes complex classical chord changes easier.

I am very pleased with your attention to detail, your great communication and service. Thank you for making a lovely instrument. I think that if more folks knew you could make classical width necks and your instruments sounded like this, they would knocking your door down to purchase instruments…….but hey, maybe they already are.

With warmest regards, I offer you my blessings and gratitude. Thank you once again, and I am sure my wife will enjoy her new mug. :)’

Thank you so much for your kind review, Michael! If you would like to find out more about our nylon acoustic guitar, go to the X20 Nylon Artisan page, or Get In Touch

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