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Thalia make custom capos for Emerald Guitars

Thalia have just sent us a pair of beautiful customised Emerald Guitars capos.

Customers often mention their favourite capo to us and recently the name Thalia has kept coming up. So were honoured when the California-based company sent us two absolutely stunning capos from the Thalia Custom Shop.

The inspiration behind the family business in Pleasant Hill was inventor and designer Chris Bradley’s daughter Thalia who at eight years old thought it would be a great idea to have capos which matched your guitar. Read their full story here

The capos we were kindly sent are both Thalia Capo 200s, one in 24k gold finish, white mother of pearl inlay, green angel wing lettering and treble orientation, while the other has a black chrome finish, green angel wing inlay, white mother of pearl lettering and bass orientation. The black chrome capo also features beautiful Celtic knot etching, which was a really nice touch.

Every custom capo is shipped in an incredibly impressive Celebrity Gift Box which includes two sample wood picks, two pull-out drawers with a specific slot for each of the 14 fret pads included with every capo, with a foil stamped number for each fret pad. The box itself is made of high end soft touch paper and includes a hidden magnet latch.

Every capo comes with a free wooden pick, a micro fibre cleaning/gig pouch along with Standard Tension & High Tension (formally XL) rubber fret pad tuning kits, which each include seven different fret pads designed to fit a range of instruments with the following radii: 0″ for Classical, 7.25″. 9.5″, 10″, 12″, 15″ and a 16” radius, like all Emerald Guitars instruments have.

The high tension fret pads are 2mm taller than their standard tension fret pads, so these are needed for 12-string guitars, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins and certain guitars with low profile necks.

Benefits of the Thalia Capo

– Interchangeable fret pads to accommodate all sorts of stringed instruments with different radii. This feature helps provide even pressure across all the strings and helps keep the strings in tune. Emerald Guitars is included in the Thalia Capos Fretboard Guide.

– Ergonomic, one-handed operation allowing for quick changes between frets. 

– Lifetime Warranty

– Capo stores on the nut allowing user to quickly access it.

– Ability to match your instrument’s wood or shell inlay…unless your guitar is made of carbon fiber 😉

– Partial fret pads available as a separate kit for alternate tunings. When applied from the treble side of the neck, these fret pads will cover strings 2-3-4 and when applied from the bass side of the neck these fret pads will cover strings 3-4-5; you can also position to cover 1-2-3 or 4-5-6.

– Teflon fret pads available as an alternative to rubber. Click here for information on Teflon vs Rubber

For further inspiration and pricing, why not check out the Custom Shop Gallery. Or check out their video on how to order a Thalia Capo. We will definitely look forward to seeing many visiting musicians use our beautiful Thalia Custom Shop capos. Thank you so much to everyone at Thalia Capos!

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