Watch High Kings star Darren Holden play X20 Artisan acoustic guitar live

Watch Darren Holden of the High Kings performing the Black Velvet Band on his X20 Artisan carbon fibre acoustic guitar during a recent performance.

Following a hugely successful US tour in March, where Emerald Ambassador Darren said the X20 received a lot of attention, the band hit the ground running again as they returned to Irish shores for performances all over the country.

We are so grateful to Carol Billett, administrator of Darren’s fan website, who once again provided us with some fantastic photos, as well as the video recording of Black Velvet Band, as she attended The High Kings performances in Sligo and Maynooth.

Darren now also uses X20 Artisan to accompany his band mate Martin (Furey) on his performance of the Lonesome Boatman, a beautiful instrumental piece written by Martin’s father Finbar.

X20 Artisan

The X20 is a guitar designed with the player in mind and not tradition. It features an ergonomic forearm bevel and a beveled cutaway to give even greater access to the fretboard.  Our unique asymmetrical back contours make the X20 sit more comfortably and securely on your knee. Tonally this guitar has a big voice, We developed a new laminate structure to give it a richer fuller sound and with the unique soundhole placement it gives great projection to the player, while still giving your audience the fullness of your performance.

It has been a real pleasure seeing Darren continue to enjoy the X20 Artisan more and more ever since we first presented it to him. A few months ago Darren also kindly agreed to check out our short scale 12-string, the Amicus, and we look forward to hearing his thoughts on it as he continues to have fun with it during his downtime.


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