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Woody says he is an Emerald Guitars ‘customer for life’

When he is not busy playing music in his spare time, civil structural designer and cad technician Woody Granger from Texas enjoys checking out YouTube for different music and instruments – that is where he first discovered Emerald Guitars.

Woody’s first purchase from Emerald Guitars was a red X7 Opus. “I love the guitar so much, it gets the most play out of all of my acoustic instruments, regardless of it being a small guitar,” he said.

With the X7 we wanted to create a compact guitar that was more than just a travel guitar. We wanted this to be a guitar that people carried with them not just because it was small, but because they love how it sounds and plays.

The X7 has a full and loud voice with clear trebles punchy mids and a good helping of bass. It’s a very well balanced instrument with great note articulation so it excels as a finger style guitar, but it can also hold its own for strumming, too.

Woody said: “The tone is excellent. It responds very well to the nuances of my playing. For instance, I’ve noticed that I can get a lot of volume out (that is, for such a small guitar) by putting a little weight behind my hand. I’ve found that paying attention to playing with just the right strumming force, not too hard not too soft, I can get optimal volume with a very pleasing tone.

“It responds more dynamically than my wood guitars that I have owned. When I play soft it’s just as sweet as it can be. Certain harmonics and tone that no wood guitar has.

“However, I do love wood guitars too. I look at it like this – It is another very, very good tonal option in my guitar collection, one which I have favoured. I think of it like having a really good Les Paul and a really good Telecaster. To me both are great instruments. Each seem to inspire me to play the in a different way.”

The X7’s light weight and compact design make it a great guitar for life on the road, whether you are a professional musician or a passionate guitar enthusiast.

Woody said: “Every time I am going somewhere to travel, it comes with me. I will be having a pickup installed, because if I ever decide to play out somewhere or use it in church, it will be drowned out volume wise. But it is perfect for what it is.

“I really am looking into getting a full size guitar from y’all. I can’t imagine how awesome that will be! Of course, a ‘Woody’ seems awfully ironic for me to get, don’t ya think,” he laughed, “I really like a big full sounding guitar as a main instrument.”

“Thanks to Alistair and all the Emerald Guitar team for a guitar I will enjoy as long as I live! As far as I am concerned, you have a customer for life! Excellent guitars, excellent service! God bless!”

We love hearing from our customers. If you would like to be featured in our series, send us an e-mail to with the subject ‘Emerald Stories’.

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