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X10 - Performance Hybrid Acoustic Electric

Combining the worlds of acoustic and electric guitar

The ultimate performance acoustic, the X10 is an acoustic guitar for the electric player.

From: 2150 EUR/USD
The feel, sound, and full voice of an acoustic blended with the rich, powerful, feedback-resistant tone of an electric, the X10 combines the two worlds of acoustic and electric into a single guitar without compromising either. With a slim 22-fret neck, a fully adjustable bridge, and a perfectly-contoured body, the X10 is one of the most playable acoustic guitars ever made. Fly effortlessly across the slim neck while enjoying the rich, resonant acoustic tone that rivals any traditional acoustic guitar. The offset soundhole gives supreme projections to both player and audience and whatever your preferred musical genre this instrument is the perfect performance acoustic.

The X10 is a hybrid acoustic electric guitar equipped with a suite of pickups to reproduce multiple tones and a variety of sounds all controlled on board with 3 volume knobs and a combination of switches. The graphtech ghost system can be combined with a 13 pin midi hexaphonic output and when combined with a guitar synth device such as the Roland GR 55 or Boss SY1000 can give you a range of sounds and tones only imaginable from an acoustic guitar. The custom Krivo humbucker at the neck is a magnetic pickup which will give you tighter and more defined electric type tones and is not susceptible to feedback in a noisy environment. For a more acoustic set of pickups on the X10 we also offer the Ghost piezo in combination with the K&K contact pickup which produces a lively top response and exceptional clarity and focus.

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