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Carbon Fiber Harp Guitars: A New Era of Sound

Harp Guitar History

A wide array of standout models have been added to the Emerald Guitars range over the years.

Perhaps standing out front and center, is the selection of harp guitars from Emerald’s Synergy range, which effortlessly – if not almost magically! – fuse the acoustic guitar, and also the tenor ukulele, with the harp. 

Alistair Hay, founder and CEO of Emerald Guitarshas created a number of unique, custom creations for clients over the years. 

Guitars with extended range and an increased number of strings have been challenges he has undertaken to create instruments previously unavailable from any luthier. After witnessing the impact of these one-off instruments, Alistair decided to add a selection of harp guitars to the permanent Emerald range.

The harp guitar is a unique instrument that combines the features of both a standard guitar and a harp. 

Originally developed in Europe in the 19th Century, harp guitars have gone through many different iterations.

Usually featuring a guitar-like body and neck with additional unstopped strings, numerous different styles appeared over the years from a range of luthiers and manufacturers. 

Without doubt, modern harp guitar history features seminal players; Robbie Robertson of The Band shines on their groundbreaking ‘Last Waltz’ concert film and album, while the brilliant John McLaughlin incorporated the harp guitar in his work with Shakti

More recently, innovative players such as Andy McKee have brought the instrument to a new generation, while acts such as Walk Off The Earth have become known for their captivating content showing off the capabilities of harp guitars to a whole new audience across the world.


harp guitar

Emerald Guitars is a leading producer of harp guitars. At the Emerald Workshop, a team of skilled craftspeople employ a variety of innovative techniques using our own custom carbon fiber technology, to create harp guitars of distinction. 

Carbon fiber is a strong and lightweight material that is ideal for making these instruments; it allows for unparalleled strength and stability in their build, and gives scope to develop new designs which are outside the realms of possibility for traditional wooden construction. 

And so, we bring to life new creations that push the boundaries of what is possible for these instruments. Our unique carbon fiber construction is also remarkably  durable and resonant, making it perfect for the harp guitar’s unique sound. 

Emerald’s harp guitars are known across the globe for their beautiful sound and superior quality construction. Let’s have a look at some of the Emerald range we have on offer…


Our synergy X7 harp guitar is an expansion on our X7 parlor guitar with an additional set of 6 or 7 sub bass strings.

With its thoughtful design and robust carbon fiber construction, this travel-sized harp guitar is not only exciting for guitarists wanting to explore new musical territory, it’s also a great instrument to take on the road.

The lightweight, compact Synergy X7 allows you to bring an inspiring sonic palette with you wherever you go.

The synergy X20 harp guitar takes our signature dreadnought size acoustic and adds up to 7 sub-bass strings and 8 super-treble strings for a whole new wealth of musical possibilities. 

With an innovative one-piece carbon fiber design, the Synergy X20 bypasses the traditional compromise of stability versus tone. From bottomless bass to sparkling treble, the Synergy X20 gives you endless room to explore. Masterful, ergonomic sculpting results in an instrument so balanced and comfortable that it almost disappears when held, leaving only you and the music…

The Emerald Synergy Uke is a tenor ukulele with an additional 4 bass harp guitar strings.

Combining deep, sustaining bass tones with the smooth, clear highs of a tenor ukulele, this carbon fiber instrument has a beautiful full-range sound that will bring a smile to any player. 

While the harp ukulele is something completely different, it still feels familiar and inviting when first picked up. 

You’ll be surprised by how much, and how quickly, you fall in love with playing it. 

synergy uke harp uke guitar

How Emerald Makes Harp Guitars

For 25 years, Emerald has been at the forefront of carbon fiber instrument construction, leading the way in design and innovation. 

Because of the strength and inherent stability from our material of choice, we can bring to life new designs that are otherwise unavailable to traditional wood construction methods. 

Each of our instruments are handmade in our workshop in Donegal, Ireland. 

We use only the highest quality components and materials to bring these extraordinary designs to life. 

Our team of highly skilled craftspeople have years of experience in delivering the very best to satisfied customers across the world.

From the beginning, Emerald has pushed the boundaries of what can be built, fueled in part by the custom builds for customers looking for something that no other luthier could deliver. 

Our harp guitars offer the player entirely new playing possibilities, adding registers both above and below the standard range available with a 6 string guitar for new musical possibilities. 

Customizing Emerald’s Harp Guitars

Emerald Guitars offers a variety of options for customizing its harp guitars. Players can choose from a wide variety of colors, veneers, and hardware. We also offer custom inlays and other unique features. 

The Emerald Guitars 3D builder is a fantastic tool for designing your dream instrument…

The Emerald Guitars 3D Builder

Emerald Guitars has created its own 3D builder software. 

This world-class software allows players to design their own harp guitars

You can choose from our models, then make it your own with our customizable options: 

Exotic Wood Veneers – If you want all the benefits of a carbon fiber instrument with the look of a wooden guitar, we offer a range of over 40 different types of exotic wood veneers to enhance the look of your instrument.

A Stunning Color Pallete – We offer a range of color options to add to your carbon fiber instrument to personalize and further complement its look.

Pickups – Each model in the 3D Builder comes with the option to add pickups to amplify your sound and take to the stage. 

Custom Inlays – We have a selection of beautiful inlays for the fretboards, from simple dots to intricate vine inlays and celtic designs. Choose a design that suits your personality or aesthetic feel!

Hardware Color – A selection of hardware colors are available to complement the design you have in mind. 

Custom Neck and Scale Options – We offer a fantastic selection of custom options when it comes to neck width, scale and fretboard radius. 

Each player has their own preferences when it comes to instrument playability – and oftentimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. At Emerald, we know that no two players are alike, so we ensure you have all the right options at your fingertips when building your dream guitar.

Sinergy Uke

The Harp Guitar is a unique and beautiful instrument with a long and rich history. 

Emerald Guitars is committed to creating the very best harp guitars, using state-of-the-art carbon fiber technology and innovative techniques. 

We offer a variety of models to suit different needs, as well as custom-made instruments. If you are looking to expand your tonal options to new realms with an utterly unique and expressive instrument, look no further than an Emerald harp guitar. 

Emerald Guitars, to make and inspire music.

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