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Celebrating World Play Your Ukulele Day with our new tenor harp ukulele

Today is World Play Your Ukulele Day and we thought this was a very fitting opportunity to officially introduce you to our tenor harp ukulele, the Synergy Uke.

We were first asked to build a tenor harp ukulele as a custom order a few years ago, but had no idea just how much we would fall in love with the instrument.

We have already been captivated by the musical possibilities of the harp guitar, but the Synergy Uke is something completely different than anything you have ever played before, but feels inviting and familiar within minutes of first picking one up.

There is something about a ukulele that just puts a smile on your face. Maybe it’s the small size or the distinctive happy voice they have. But with a harp ukulele it has all that, yet an added fullness in tone and the ability to play bass accompaniment with your lead pieces. It’s a new experience and one to be enjoyed.

Although the Synergy Uke has been available for some time, we only recently got our first performance filmed on it with the very talented Galician musician Martin Blanes which is available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Martin demonstrates what a musician of the highest calibre can do on the Synergy Uke, however, our plan is to produce more videos of musicians demonstrating our tenor ukulele with very simple arrangements and covers to show how accessible it is. It may seem daunting at first, but the Synergy Uke will be very easy to pick up.

Opus and Artisan

Like all our instruments there are two packages available for the Synergy Uke, the Opus and Artisan models.

The Synergy Uke Opus is generally in stock or available on a short lead-time (e-mail us on for enquiries). The Opus is available in black only and does not include a pick-up. A pick-up is available as an upgrade. It features Gotoh UPT/UPTL (Planetary ukulele tuners) and has a full gloss finish on the top and a satin ‘Crystal Ice’ finish on the back and sides of the instrument.

The Synergy Uke Artisan is built to order and generally has a five-month lead time. The Artisan is available in black, amber, red, green and blue, has full gloss finish on all surfaces, Gotoh UPT/UPTL (Planetary ukulele tuners), and pickup.

Both models come with a custom-padded Emerald Guitars gig bag.

Happy World Ukulele Day from everyone at Emerald Guitars!

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