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Emerald X20 unboxing and song by Howard

Emerald X20 unboxings and first performances are something we wish we could see all the time.

Our customer Howard kindly sent us a video of him unboxing his brand new green Emerald X20 Woody Custom Shop featuring a freak maple veneer and performing his first song on it – something we don’t get to see very often.

Howard lives in the north-east of Scotland near a place called Elgin, which is a short drive from the Highlands, and he works as a purchasing manager with a leading Scottish-based food company.

In his spare time Howard enjoys playing the guitar to accompany the songs he sings – a mixture of traditional folk, self-written and covers – whether it’s at home or at a variety of events.

“I first came across Emerald Guitars over five years ago when I was looking for a travel guitar that did not take up a lot of space in the car. I came across a few demos of the X7 on YouTube and read a review in an Acoustic Guitar magazine. 

“I particularly liked the idea that carbon fibre was not affected by extremes in climate and could be relied on to be taken anywhere. I was then lucky to pick up an instrument at relatively reasonable price in a sale Emerald were having at the time.”

Howard said the X7 has been his ‘go to’ couch guitar for a long time. “It is an intimate little instrument that is so easy to play. I have also used it around the folk clubs and even at the open stage event at well-known Scottish Folk singer and musician Dougie McLean’s Perthshire Amber Music Festival,  as well as one of the busking stages’ at the 2017 Belladrum ‘Tartan Heart’ Festival near Inverness. 

Donegal Visit

Howard initially had the idea that he would like a custom version of the X7 with a Woody veneer and upgraded pick-up system and came to visit us in Donegal earlier this year.

He said: “I visited Emerald Guitars with my wife during the summer whilst on holiday in Ireland. Sean prepared a range of guitars – both X7 and X20 – to try out, and hosted a short factory tour.  Eventually I settled on the X20 because of its greater volume and depth of sound, which helps in venues with no PA.

“I really love these instruments. They have a unique feel, sound and playability. They are very stylish, too.”

We would like to thank Howard, firstly for paying us a visit here in Donegal and, secondly, for sending us this video so we could witness him unveiling his brand new Emerald X20 Woody Custom Shop.

If you would like to find out more about the X20, click here for further details. We always keep a special stock of select veneers that Alistair has sourced from all over the world. If you would like something special on your X20, why not get in touch for a consultation.

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