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X10 Slimline Nylon 360

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X10 Slimline Nylon Demo

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X30 – Ger plays Mary and The Soldier

What Our Customers Say...

X10 – My “Go To” Guitar

“My X10 version 3 arrived ahead of schedule and, upon opening the sturdy case, the wow factor was immediate.

The action on arrival was slightly higher than I prefer but a few minutes easy adjustment of the bridge soon made it feel like an old friend.

The version three pickup combinations – Magnetic, Piezo and MIDI – offer incredible breadth, depth, and new sonic landscapes. The build quality is bulletproof and the tuning stability immense.

Already the proud owner of a twin neck Chimaera, the much smaller bodied X10 is now my “go to” guitar and will, hopefully, feature live for the first time this autumn.

For now, I am spending time getting to know my new love and, in particular, learning how to take full advantage of the MIDI driven options.

Thank you, Emerald.”

MSD and X10
Michael Day

Customer, Musician, UK

Kestrel – Recipe for my perfect guitar

What’s the recipe for my perfect guitar?

4 parts stunning design

3 parts personalised features

2 parts lightweight comfort

3 parts sci-fi technology

3 parts stable tuning

10 parts awesome tone

Blend carefully in Ireland, bake over several months and serve up tasty tunes with a side of beautiful functional art.

Bill Sewell

Customer, Musician, USA.

Emerald X20 – Vibrant Weave

When Alistair unveiled the updated stylistic tweaks to the classic X20, I started thinking about the possibility of one more Emerald in my collection. But when he dropped the new adjustable acoustic bridge on the world, I knew it was time to jump. I spent a couple of months considering different veneers, colors, and options. I ended up falling in love with the natural “leaf” pattern in this Spalted Chen Chen, and finally built what you see around this veneer choice. The “vibrant weave” fiber and gold coating match the veneer perfectly, and the voice of this X20 is crystal clear and full! The introduction of the fantastic 3D Guitar Builder was the icing on the cake. It allowed me to visualize every inch of what I had been building on paper and in my head. Seeing your selections come to life in real-time on the screen is a great addition to the Emerald website, and I highly recommend it! Thinking up your dream guitar in your mind, designing it in the 3D builder, and then having the guitar YOU DESIGNED show up on your doorstep a few months later… for a guitarist, what could be better than that?

Jason Graves


Customer, Worship Leader – USA

X20-7 Only my Emerald can do it.

“The only guitar I have with the soundhole right near my ears with a full, rich sound is my Emerald. It’s the only guitar I can travel with from Africa to the Antarctic without worrying about damaging my guitar. Only my Emerald can do it.

Lionel Loueke

Customer, Professional musician

Synergy X20 – A new level of playing.

‘My Emerald HarpGuitar took my playing to a whole new level. Robust, sleek and huge sounding to say the least! A wonderful company to create the stuff that dreams are made of. Thanks guys!’

Tommy Loose

Customer, Musician, United Kingdom.

X10 – A constant companion

The X10 for me has bridged the gap between the acoustic and electric world.  It’s a constant companion for both the stage and studio alike.  What makes it extra special?
It thrives in the outdoors too 🙂

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 08.29.41
Kevin Quigley

Emerald, Professional musician - Ireland

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