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Carbon Fiber Innovation

How Carbon Fiber Innovation has Reimagined Acoustic Guitar Tone

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The Emerald X7, X20 & X30 – Choose the Perfect Acoustic Guitar for You

For over 25 years, Emerald Guitars has been making world-class Carbon Fiber instruments. The guitars are handmade for customers worldwide by our skilled craft team at the Emerald workshop, nestled in the breathtaking hills of County Donegal. Ireland.

Innovation in Carbon Fiber engineering has allowed us to develop groundbreaking ergonomic designs, always with the player in mind.

Our singular carbon know-how also ensures we deliver world-class guitars that are flawless in environments where traditional wood instruments simply can’t function without constant care and attention.

Our unique one-piece Carbon Fiber crafting technique means that Emerald guitars are primed for any situation you can imagine. So if you’re a musician playing in challenging climates or simply taking your guitar on the road, you’ll never have to worry about changes in temperature or humidity wreaking havoc on your instrument. 

Under the guidance of our founder Alistair Hay, the Emerald craft team produces a remarkable range of instruments each year. We have a guitar for every player: from small body acoustics to jumbos, from 4-string to 36-string guitars, from harp guitars, to basses and electric guitars. 

So, what’s the right Emerald for you? Below we’ll take a look at the acoustic guitars in our core range: the X7, the X20 and the X30.

The X7 parlour acoustic guitar – Compact size, full-bodied sound

emerald guitar x7
Emerald X7 carbon fiber acoustic guitar lying on the grass

The Emerald X7 is our parlour-sized small-bodied acoustic guitar. With a shorter scale as standard and a comfortable smaller body, the X7 is a brilliant travel guitar, or it’s perfect for a player who wants a compact instrument for their smaller size.  

It features smooth arm bevels and asymmetrical side design for ultimate comfort. And, with a 24” scale and a deep rear cutaway, the X7 offers effortless playability right up to the 20th fret. 

The Emerald X7 guitar produces a full but punchy mid-range tone – making it perfect for old school blues, slide-playing and folk music, among other styles. It’s equally suited for home use and for taking on the road. Or, plug it in and the X7 comes alive as an exceptional performance acoustic.

  • Compact body size
  • Big sound from a small body
  • The ultimate travel guitar
  • Particularly good for smaller players

The X20 dreadnought acoustic – Designed for the player, not tradition

emerald guitar x20
Emerald X20 Acoustic Carbon Fiber Guitar

Our signature dreadnought guitar, the X20 is designed for the guitarist searching for a rich and full acoustic sound. Ergonomically shaped to fit the player’s form, the X20 allows for long periods of comfortable performance.

With a powerful and balanced tone, this guitar excels across a range of playing styles, and suits strumming big open chords just as much as intricate lead work. Similar in size to a dreadnought acoustic, the addition of an extended-access neck design allows comfortable command of all 22 frets. 

Throw any style at the X20 and it’ll have you covered. It’s truly the go-to instrument if you’re looking for the do-it-all acoustic.

  • Dreadnought size 
  • Remarkable projection
  • Balanced across a range of styles

The X30 jumbo acoustic – Big guitar. Big sound. Big comfort.

Davy K playing an Emerald X30 acoustic carbon fiber guitar
Davy K playing an Emerald X30 acoustic carbon fiber guitar

We’re confident that an Emerald will be the most comfortable guitar you’ll play, thanks to its ergonomic design. And it’ll feel smaller in your hands as well. 

This is particularly evident with our X30 jumbo-sized acoustic – we’re sure you’ll be surprised at how comfortable the bigger body is compared to other jumbos. 

With a big bold sound, this is the perfect guitar if you’re looking for lots of volume without sacrificing comfort and playability. The X30 has redefined the jumbo guitar by providing big sound and big comfort, continuing Emerald’s tradition of breaking tradition.

  • Big jumbo sound 
  • Ergonomic playability
  • Great for standing out in noisy jams!

Customise Your Guitar

Across our core acoustic range, Emerald has a guitar to fit the needs of every player. We also have a world-leading 3D Builder.

 So, if you’d like to customise the look or specifications of your instrument, you can build your dream X7, X20 or X30 on the cutting edge Emerald 3D Builder.


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