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Jared Campbell: Inspiring All Ages Through Music

“One thing I tell students every day is that ‘if you want to live a good life, go out and make someone else’s life better’ and that’s what I try to do with my music.”
–Jared Campbell

Jared Cambpell, an award-winning singer/songwriter from upstate New York, is known for being “more than just a musician.” For the past decade, Jared has been traveling all over the US performing in schools and impacting the lives of his listeners through the power of music with songs he’s written to help students find their purpose in life and become inspired, uplifted, and empowered.

I’m different than your typical musician in that I spend all my time performing in schools across the US, from elementary age to high school. I perform concerts for the entire school and teach them all kinds of things through the power of music with songs that I’ve written.

For the little ones, I teach the importance of kindness and respect, and as they get older I deal more with the issues of bullying and self confidence. In high school I talk to students about looking for the best in life and learning how to overcome obstacles by leaning on others for strength and support.

Out of 180 school days here I will have played at 177 schools and spoken to roughly 70-100 thousand students this year alone. I’ve been speaking for over a decade and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. One thing I tell students every day is that “if you want to live a good life, go out and make someone else’s life better” — and that’s what I try to do with my music.

–Jared Campbell

Jared’s go-to guitar for all of his traveling and performing is his custom Emerald X20 with an X10 level 3 pickup system, which combines a Krivo Humbucker and 6 individual piezo pickups with Midi connectivity, for even more creative possibilities and exploration.

“I am over the moon about my X20! Literally my favorite guitar…and I have plenty to choose from!”
–Jared Campbell

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My X20 has the level 3 setup that normally comes in the X10, but I wanted to stick with the bigger bodied guitar because that’s what I’m so used to playing live. But it looks like a million dollars and sounds like it too! People constantly ask me at every single show what type of guitar it is, and I’m super proud to promote the Emerald name.

I happen to use some synth stuff with my guitar rig, so the 13-pin connection from Graphtech gives me endless possibilities. I also love the fact that I can blend the sound between my piezo and magnetic pickup. It really brings out a nice clarity. So the fact that it’s a three-voice guitar allows me to create virtually any sound I want and it’s amazing! I can’t say enough about the guitar and honestly look forward to ordering more in the future!

–Jared Campbell

Jared is currently working on a new kids album. Watch Jared play one of the pieces from his upcoming album, “Make History,” on his custom Emerald Cocobolo X20 – LV 3.

Jared has shared the stage with Jason Mraz, Gavin Degraw, The Zac Brown Band, as well as Journey! His music has been featured on MTV and he has been acknowledged by Billboard Magazine as one of the top independent musicians in the northeast of the United States. Learn more about Jared and the amazing work he is doing with students all over the country by visiting his website,, subscribing to his YouTube channel, and following his Facebook and Instagram pages.

To learn more about Emerald’s X20 custom options, visit our X20 page on the Emerald website.

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