Justin Johnson Reviews The Virtuo

'Can There Really Be One Guitar That Does It All?'

Here at Emerald Guitars, we were delighted when Justin Johnson recently decided to feature our new Virtuo Model on his Youtube Channel. Designed as an electric / acoustic guitar hybrid, and featuring electric, acoustic and midi pickup systems, the carbon fiber Virtuo offers a one-guitar-fits-all solution for the gigging musician, as well as a wonderful compositional tool in the studio.

With his tasteful playing and innovative approach to the guitar, Justin Johnson has been catapulted to the forefront of the online guitar playing revolution. Beginning with his viral three-string shovel guitar video, Justin’s Youtube channel has since amassed over 1.2 million subscribers. Justin’s comprehensive, practical and often humorous approach to reviewing content results in a unique and enjoyable viewing experience.

Join Justin as he explores the many different voices of the Virtuo, and find out if he answers his own question – ‘Can there really be one guitar that does it all?!’

Check out Justin’s Virtuo build on our Emerald Guitars 3d Builder tool

Check out Justin’s website and social media links below:


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