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Model Comparison

Emerald X10 Slimline and Emerald Virtuo

Comparison: X10 Slimline vs Virtuo

Want an ultra-reliable stage-ready slimline guitar but not sure which is right for you?

This week, we look at the similarities and differences between the X10 Slimline and Virtuo models to help you decide which one is right for you.

Size and Shape

Both the X10 Slimline and Virtuo models have the same one-piece carbon fiber body and neck profiles. Featuring a slimline acoustic body with a depth of 2 ¾” (69.85mm) and a max width of 14 ¾” 375mm, both models are ideal if you want a slim and comfortable performance guitar. 

They both feature our uniquely contoured bodies, with a rib / belly cut at the rear, arm bevel on the front and angled leg cut. This ensures the guitar conforms to the player’s body whether sitting or standing

For unrestricted access to all of the fretboard, these models both feature a heel-less neck design and a sculpted cutaway for comfort and playability

The main acoustic difference between the two models comes from the fact that the X10 Slimline is primarily designed for use with acoustic strings and the Virtuo with electric. With acoustic strings – especially those with a higher or thicker gauge than electric strings – the X10 Slimline can deliver a rounder, fuller acoustic tone. However either model can be used with acoustic or electric strings; in fact there are specific acoustic strings with a higher magnetic content in the winds to make them just right for use with the Virtuo’s magnetic pickups.

Pickup Options

The pickup choices on these models are where we have the main difference in sounds, with the X10 series being designed around acoustic tones, and electric tones for the Virtuo.

X10 Slimline

The X10 has been designed with acoustic tones in mind, and has a choice between acoustic piezo pickups; either the standard non-adjustable bridge with an LR Baggs element undersaddle pickup or the Graph Tech Ghost piezo systems with adjustable saddles. 

The Krivo humbucker is a magnetic pickup which has been specially voiced to deliver a unique tone that combines the feel of a classic humbucker and an acoustic magnetic pickup. It provides a warm yet clear sound with a very sweet midrange. ​


The Virtuo: Acoustic Body, Electric Soul

The concept behind the Virtuo was to create the ultimate do-it-all hybrid guitar for performers who needed to access a range of sounds when performing live or in the studio. The idea came about in response to seeing artists switching guitars mid-set to utilize different pickups and moving from electric to acoustic guitars. 

The Fishman Fluence humbuckers are at the core of the instrument, providing a wealth of electric tones on offer, making it the only guitar you need for stage and studio.

Each of the individual pickups contains three specific voices; classic, modern, and single-coil. 

Vintage PAF: Classic humbucker tones recall the golden era ‘Patent Applied For’ models from the late 1950s. It’s perfect for creating the tones of your classic guitar heroes’ vintage electrics. 

Modern Humbucker: The modern humbucker tone offers a ‘hotrod’ sound on the bridge pickup, perfect for higher gain settings and cutting through the mix. On the neck pickup this setting delivers a “Fluence-exclusive neck tone, with unreal highs, vocal mid-range, and tight lows.”

Single-coil: The neck pickup delivers the sweetness and warmth of classic single coils. In the bridge, it gives the bite and snap of a vintage, slightly-overwound bridge single coil. The Virtuo now allows you to capture the sounds of your favorite ‘S’ and ‘T’ style single-coil-equipped guitars without switching instruments or sacrificing the benefits of humbuckers.

The pickup switching is easily accessed through the push-pull tone pots on the face of the guitar. These pots control the volume and blends for each of the pickup systems also. 

Featuring the Graph Tech Ghost Piezo as standard, you can seamlessly switch between the magnetic pickups and the piezo or even blend the two together.

MIDI Capability

MIDI capability is available as standard with the Virtuo or as an option on the X10 Slimline.

The Graph Tech Ghost piezo system’s individual saddles and piezo pickups allow you to access the MIDI capability through a 13-pin MIDI connection. You have an almost-endless array of sounds with compatible MIDI units such as the Roland GR55 or the Boss SY-1000. With their unique COSM modeling, a host of classic guitar tones are on offer, not to mention the incredible non-guitar sounds available from the synth unit.

em17985 2

Carbon Fiber Construction

Our use of carbon fiber and the unique one piece construction means that both the X10 slimline and Virtuo provide amazing reliability and stability when touring or performing live. The constant change in climates can lead to wooden instruments needing adjustments on the road whereas Emerald’s carbon fiber reliability and stability make this a thing of the past.

virtuo and amp

With a range of options available between these two models, we have something to suit all playing styles. Whether your focus is more on acoustic or electric tones, the X10 and Virtuo both provide excellent platforms for the performing musician. 

Try the Emerald 3D Guitar Builder here to build your dream guitar or get in touch with our resident experts, Kev and Davy who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and help you bring your dream guitar to life. You can contact them via email at or by using the live chat at

Specs Comparison

x10slim VS virtuo 001
x10slim VS virtuo 002
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